Ch 2

At that moment, Sam's dad walked in. He was evidently surprised to see May, as he halted in his tracks. May broke from the hug and stood silently next to Sam. She saw Sam's dad properly and noticed that he looked wearier than usual. "Hi, Mr Maybank," she said quietly, smiling as to make an effort. It wouldn't have been fair to bring everyone else down. "May..." he said. "When did you get here?"
"About ... five minutes ago," she replied
"Oh..." He trailed off and there was an awkward silence. No one knew what to say next. After a long pause, Sam said, "Did we wake you up, Dad?"
"No, no. I can't sleep anyway."
"Oh," Sam said awkwardly, followed by another silence.
Sam's dad broke the silence. "How've you been, May? We were quite worried about you."
May felt a bit guilty at that. She hoped Sam's parents hadn't been too anxious. "I've been alright, I suppose. Sorry that you were worried."
"That's fine. At least we know you're okay now. Are you planning on staying here? Laura would love to have you. We've still got the guest room, if you'd like to stay there."
"Yes please. ... Thanks for being so nice, Mr Maybank."
"Oh, it's only fair. You made Dan so happy and now it's our turn to repay that favour."
"Thank you."
"Well, I'm going to go and try and get some sleep. There's hot chocolate powder in the kitchen if you want a drink before you go to bed."
"Thanks Dad," Sam said, answering for both of them. With that, Mr Maybank left the living room and went upstairs. Once he was out of earshot, May said, "Your parents are really kind. Could we have some hot chocolate before we go to bed?"
"Yeah sure," Sam answered. "I'll make it."
Ten minutes later, they were sitting in the cosy kitchen, feeling slightly drowsy, and staring at their mugs which they were clasping in their hands, once more in quiet contemplation.
May broke the silence, "Do we go on with this? Or should we leave it until we feel more comfortable?"
"I don't know..." Sam said. "Perhaps we should just be friends for now and let anything that happens develop at its own pace."
"Yeah. That sounds like a good idea."
"I mean, I feel like we're siblings anyway and Dan's death should unite us rather than part us."
"I agree. We'll always be close friends, if nothing else."
"Hmm." Sam replied in agreement.
Downing the last of their hot chocolate, the two placed their mugs in the sink to be washed up the following morning (finding themselves too tired to do any washing up at present) and retired up the soft, carpeted stairs to bed. May trudged into the guest room where she fell asleep on top of the covers in the clothes she was wearing.

The End

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