Dan Sequel (Pilot)

i don't know if Dan is better alone or with a sequel. The feedback from this should help me decide.

It was late at night when they arrived at the family home where Sam and his parents lived. May walked in, her tear-strained cheeks illuminated by the golden glow of the chandelier in the living room. She almost burst into tears at the fuzzy, warm, comfortable atmosphere of the room, but was comforted when she felt Sam squeeze her hand as he followed her in, shutting the living room door behind them. Both had sad smiles and reflective looks on their faces, and as May sat down on the sofa, sighing softly, (Sam preferring to stand) they both contemplated the events of that evening.

Both had mixed emotions. It had been so easy for them to lose themselves in the moment at Dan's house, but was it right for them to have gone on to dine together at a restaurant? Sam was wondering if it had been right to kiss his brother's girlfriend. She'd been sad and seemed as if she needed someone, but was it right to fill that void so quickly? If Dan had been alive, Sam wouldn't have dared kiss her. However, just because he was gone, it didn't justify Sam's actions. May was confused. Why'd she let herself be kissed by Dan's brother? If Dan was alive, then their relationship would have ended there and then. Was a relationship really over if one of the people in that relationship died? Both couldn't deny they had enjoyed the kiss, and both felt deep down that Dan would want them to be happy, but doubts were doubts - thoughts that pester you and make you feel guilty, regardless of circumstance. They had both loved the dinner they'd had in the restaurant, but it had been a continuation of the impulsiveness that had inspired them to share that moment at Dan's house. Now, they were at Dan's family house, in the eyes of Dan's parents, they had a chance to stop and think about their actions.
Suddenly, Sam said, "Sorry.". He didn't know what else to say, but felt it was his fault that anything had happened that night. May was surprised - she was as much to blame for that kiss as he was. "It's my fault too," she replied.
"But I kissed you..." Sam didn't really see May as being the one at fault, but perhaps that was because he cared deeply about her.
"And I let you."
"I suggested going to a restaurant."
"You were being kind. I was upset. Dinner was fantastic - don't apologise for that."
"Still... It wasn't right that I took you out impulsively. We should have stayed at Dan's house longer - we'd have been able to tackle the situation there and then."
"Like you said, it was acting on impulse. I wanted to go to a restaurant. I was lonely and you made me feel better. If we'd have talked about doubts after the kiss, I'd have still felt empty inside. You made me feel as if I could deal with the world again. I'm so grateful for what happened tonight." May paused. "I think the doubts we're having show that we're good people who don't intend to cause harm, and, even though what we did may have been wrong ...," May took a deep breath, "Dan would want us to be happy."
Sam was deeply inspired by May's strength of character. To be able to say such a daring thing so that they could be happy and maybe let go of their grief a little was a brave, brave thing.
"I think you're right," Sam declared, with new-found courage. "He never enjoyed seeing people upset, and there will always be doubt in everything we do. It's natural after someone's died, to want to honour their memory and it's difficult to even, say, go to a party you were both invited to without them. But, the fact remains, you have to get on with your life and do the things you were planning to do before that person died. It's so important that the quality of your life doesn't decrease because of grief, because you'll eventually end up living in such deep regret, that you'll feel life isn't worth living anymore and everyone else around you who had a chance of moving on from the same person's death will be affected. So, you have to lead a full and happy life - if not for yourself, then for others."
May's eyes began to well up with tears. She stood up and hugged Sam tightly. He was a beacon of hope in the stormy seas that were flooding her heart. Through the tears, she just managed to say "Thank you for tonight."

The End

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