Dan and JewelMature

this was originally intended to be a spin off of a work long since abandoned but it seems that it is still a valid work in its own right and one of my few dedicated attempts at romance.

Dan lifted his wing, gingerly pushing up the covers. He yawned widely as he forced himself out of the warmth and comfort of the night-warmed bed. He sat, the cold starting to set in, on the side of his bed, contemplating going straight back to sleep. He pushed himself up and walked straight into the en suite in his room.
Most of the dorm rooms didn't have that kind of luxury but the Venus building had a lot of things the others didn't but that wasn't the reason he'd picked it as his dorm. He stepped into the marble dish that was the floor of the shower and turned the metallic dial. He sighed as the hot water poured over him and through his hair, despite the resistance that the thick, frizzy curls put up. He ran his hands through the wiry mass, causing it to flatten to his head and straighten as his mind idled and wandered around inside his head.
His thoughts, like most of the time, came to float around Jewel. He grinned as he pictured her smile. He felt a soft prickle course through his chest and abdomen and a pleasurable shiver pulse up through his neck. He remembered the summer where he'd flown to her home and watched her in her field growing crops. Occasionally he'd helped out in spite of his lethargic nature. In the sun they had worked on the weeding until the time had come for them to leave or the rain had run them out and forced them indoors. He smiled as he remembered and sighed as he hoped that they would be able to do the same next summer.
He grabbed the shower gel off of the little shelf just outside the blue shower curtain. He unceremoniously dump a load into his hands and replaced the bottle. It seemed haphazard but after years of using the same thing he knew exactly how much was needed. He rubbed the body wash around himself and allowed it to be washed off by the water. he shuddered as the steaming water rushed through his hair and over his scalp.
He stood and swayed under the flowing water as he lost himself in the steam and his own thoughts. Images of her blurred through his consciousness. He drifted in and out of reality and let himself be suspended in the dream until his eyes came to rest on the digital clock integrated into the wall of the bathroom.
“shit!” he cursed as he nearly slipped. He scrambled out of the shower and grabbed at his towel. He yanked it from its place on the rail and rushed to dry himself. He'd spent far too long in the shower. He scrubbed at his hair with the towel before discarding it in favour of the brush. He ripped through the tangles. If he didn't hurry he was going to be late.

He sprinted down the hall even as he was pulling on the rest of his clothes. His wings phased through the shirt until it was firmly in place before they re-materialised. He darted through the corridor. His feet carried him so fast that his eyes began to pick up speed blur through the long hall. He had to be quick, however, or he'd miss Jewel.
He praised his luck as he entered the Stairwell. The caretaker had opened the huge window. Dan surged off of the ground and cannoned through the wide opening with his wings wrapped around himself. He only opened his membranous sails as he left the building and they buffeted him upwards. He forced the air down with the dragon wings that he'd been training since birth. He glided past the trees and flew out into the open sky above the campus grounds. He powered himself forwards.
He covered the distance in minutes. He found himself gliding above the town with other air traffic. He found the place he needed and pulled in his wings and plummeted downwards. The force he landed with forced him to his knees but he sprang straight up with the momentum he carried. He briefly looked around before he caught a glimpse of her.
Her deep copper hair tumbled about her shoulders as she spotted him aswell. They both smiled as they approached each other and then wrapped their arms around each other.
“I’ve missed you,” he sighed as he tightened his embrace.
“It’s only been a day!” she giggled as she kissed him lightly on the cheek.
“I know, but I still missed you.”
“aww, I love you... I really do.”
“I love you more though,” he smirked. Jewel looked at him flatly but it only took moments before the muscles in the corner of her mouth tugged and twinged and both of them laughed and kissed. “Shall we?” he asked and Jewel nodded. As she rose into the air on her rapidly vibrating wings like a hover-pack, Dan rocketed upwards on powerful downward thrusts from his own. 

Jewel flitted along behind Dan. She was more agile but far slower then Dan but that didn't matter. She had no idea where they were going. See watched as the borders of ACES passed by underneath. They weren't supposed to fly outside of the uni but no one really cared. They weren't flying on any air routes and no one could see them in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly Dan stopped in mid air. His wings were perfectly still – he no longer needed them when he was using his magic to hold himself up.

The End

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