Damn social networking!!Mature

Story of my life..how i start hating social networking sites.

Today i am sad..

don't know why but i am thinking why i get so paranoid whenever i see no new notification in my social networking sites account..?Why is it so necessary that every time i write anything ppl {ids to be precise which are in my friend list} have to comment something on it..and if they don't , my funny heart sends strange signals to my not so funny and not so intelligent brain that nobody liking it aseem, no 1.

And then my idiot brain reciprocate another strange signal to my heart that moron its not worth reading that's y these ids are dead today..my poor heart {funny heart cant take such harsh words from my idiot brain and turns into sad one immediately} starts sinking in deep {sometimes strange messy} river of sorrow..

on that exact moment my brain transmit another signal,this time of hope {brain used to do such things when he gets an impression that after heart it will be its turn to be drowned in river of sorrow and deep shit..} that maybe aseem nobody read ur article..like everybody has work to do not everyone has free time {read velapan} like u..

But how is it possible that 292 ids {90% of which r single females} didn't came online today?? {see i told u my brain plays a lot with my poor heart..again by smsing this thought to my heart through noodles (veins) it proves}

After getting this weird new thought by Mr. brain suddenly my stomach made a awkwardl sound grrrrrr!! I got nervous as I am a smoker and always under tremendous pressure of being killed because of this bad habit..{but later I found that grrrr was due to gas curtsy rajmas I ate yesterday night in dinner..[I wonder some academically acclaimed nerds{popularly knows as scientist} could ever design any mechanism which can turn these gases into cooking gas or maybe a substitute for cng or else..DAMN THESE RAJMAS ..

So where were we??oh yeah my heart again started aching that why the hell i am not getting any response from these pretty ids {coolgirl97, ladyuwant1417..etc etc}

Due to sadness and some gas {remember rajma effect?} I preferred to shut down my PC and sleep for some time..But these wired feelings of being idiot n ignored writer not leaving me alone..and I start thinking why the hell I added those nonsense ids ,just because I want them to praise me every time I say anything or do anything after all that’s what is social networking is all about ,isn't it??

My mind cannot digest this fact that I am not acceptable to girls not even in virtual world of internet also.where every one is so smart and cool..

These terrible thoughts woke me up and again I logged in my account just to see if any one commented on my blog ..but what I found was so horrible that I have no words to explain ..i found girls commented on a blog but that was not mine but one of strangely handsome guy named dudecassanova2006..i must admit dude has looks and by his profile pic one can assume he was one spoil rich bastard too.so these attributes {looks and money} are enough for single ready to mingle girls to comment on his useless self praising shity blog..

That was d moment I realized no chance for u aseem u have looks “Looks like somebody fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down” {I wonder how much courage my mother had to tell me that I am so good looking } and as far as money matter goes..no chance either..

So at last I am quitting damn social networking sites which are no longer social for me..as no matter how good u r, it only supports good looking charmers {dumb}..and for idiots like me its just another way of life saying..U R IGNORED LOOSER!!

The End

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