Damien Hurst

Damien Hurst ruined many lives and families, including Amethyst'. Now she and Virgil are going to get revenge. But someone from the Kainer clan is causing trouble, and Damien remains elusive...

They came from a faraway planet. Unknown. Unheard of. They were the Tortlins and they told us that was all that we needed to know.

They came upon us when we were at our worst. Violent. Alone. At war with ourselves and each other.

Our planet is gone, they said. And yours is being destroyed. We can help each other, humans and Tortlins. Desperate, we agreed. They helped us. We helped them. But as time went on, we realized there was some inhuman lurking behind their human looking faces. They had power beyond our wildest dreams. At another time we would have attacked them for being different. But now we were wiser. So we let them stay. There were few of them and many of us. So we didn't notice at first when it started happening. A marriage here, a child born there. It was slow, gradual. So we did not see.

Now there are few humans and even fewer Tortlins. We have meshed with each other. We have become one race. But now, even now, history insist on repeating itself. And so the world once again seems to spiral into chaos...

The End

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