The Solubility of PopularityMature

The Freshman Formal incident had resulted in both Ashlynn and Brielle getting suspended for one week. This, of course, didn’t make anything better. The damage had been done. When I showed up for Chemistry, Cassidy’s eyes had the puffy red look that you get after a good crying session. I wanted to comfort her, but I didn’t know how. I decided to give her a hug. I knew that the simple feeling of someone’s arms around you could be a lifesaver.

“Are you okay?” as soon as I asked her, I wanted to slap myself. Of course she wasn’t okay, no matter what she said. “Yeah. I’m fine.” She pulled the sleeves of her oversized hoodie up over her wrists.

I would have pressed onwards in my attempts to cheer her up if it weren’t for Mr Reinhardt loudly clearing his throat at the front of the room. “Hello students! I’m sorry that I’ve been out for the last couple of days. I was a little under the weather.” Half of the class rolled their eyes. He may be hot, but Mr Reinhardt was a terrible bullshitter. “Anyway, while I was gone I thought up a really neat project for you guys.” We all groaned collectively. “Seeing as January is almost over, I figured this would be due the second week of February.”

He continued to blabber on about the poster we would be required to make and the grading scale for our project. Finally, he got to the part we were waiting for. “Now, you’re going to be doing this project in pairs. And since I know you kids can be a bit… clique-y. I figured you could work with your lab partners.” Darryl Preston shot his fist into the air, “Yeah, baby! Instant A!” he was paired with Dougie, my old ticket to perfect Chemistry grades.

Cass smiled at me. “So I guess we should probably pick our topic. I was thinking maybe we could compare the solubility of carbon dioxide in, like, water?” I shrugged. “Sure. You can come over to my place to work on the poster.”

Since today was only the twenty-sixth I figured we could wait a week or so. I’m kind of the queen of procrastination, and Cassidy was indulging me in putting of starting our poster. By the time February fifth rolled around I realized we needed to get going. We decided to pick up some supplies after school before going over to my house. She had asked her parents if they would be okay with her sleeping over at my place, we planned on pulling an all-nighter and defeating our project in one fell swoop.

When the end-of-the-day bell rang, we met up outside of the library. Excited to get to work. 

The End

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