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Initially, Zooey had assumed that her nomination was a joke. She had repeatedly asked Liam and myself if we had sabotaged the vote. By the time the weekend rolled around, the reality had sunk in and she asked me to go dress shopping with her on Saturday. When you live in a big city, shopping tends to be a daylong adventure requiring an eye for a bargain and loads of stamina.

For breakfast that morning Tish had prepared bacon for my dad, Zach, and herself. Seeing as I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of eleven, I poured myself a bowl of Lucky Charms.

My mouth still tasted like sugary horseshoe-shaped marshmallows when Zooey showed up at the door. We were already laughing and messing around by the time we were halfway down the hall. “So, where shall we go?” I adjusted my mustard yellow crochet beret and bit down on my lip lower lip. “Hmm… well I was assuming we’d head over to Darby Street. They’ve got loads of those adorable little consignment shops and vintage stuff and that one cart with the Italian ice.” The expression on Zooey’s face didn’t seem content with my suggestion. “What about Brimmer Circle?” Brimmer Circle was the über exclusive Rodeo Drive-esque row of high-end designer shops that were often frequented by the nouveau riche.

I was so taken aback by her question that it took me a couple of seconds to respond. “Sure… I guess. Though I highly doubt that we’ll be able to afford anything there.” Zooey rolled her eyes. “Duh, Farrah! We’re not going to buy anything there; I just want to spot what’s on trend so that we can get a cheaper version back on Darby Street.” Oh, that made more sense.

Brimmer Circle is on the complete opposite side of the city from our neighborhood so it took us almost forty-five minutes to get there. Once we did, it felt like we had entered a completely different world. Women with faces full of collagen and breasts filled with silicon toted around small dogs in purses that were worth more than my college fund and Middle-aged men with streaks of grey in their hair screaming into sleek Blackberries bustled past.

“So, Zo, where first?” She tapped her chin with a single manicured fingernail. “How about Germaine DuPont?” I had never heard of that particular fashion designer so I decided to just go with it. She hitched her arm around mine and dragged me into a large stark white storefront. As soon as we stepped inside, our eardrums were on fire due to the European techno music pulsing from hidden speakers. I slowly inhaled as Zooey led me through the sparse racks laden with rhinestone encrusted minidresses and satin blouses. 

“OHMYGOSH BRI! ISN’T THIS, LIKE, SUPER HOT?!” A sharp squeal pierced through the din of the thumping beat. “EW ASH, NO. WHY DO YOU INSIST ON DRESSING LIKE A STRIPPER?” I peeked out from behind a slinky silver cocktail gown and my worst fears were confirmed. We had managed to stumble upon the popular girls in their natural habitat. Ashlynn Jenks was holding up a hot pink sequin covered number that wouldn’t have looked out of place at a party in the Playboy mansion. Seeing as they had to yell in order to hear each other I doubted they could hear me and Zooey rustling around in the clothing racks a couple of feet away.

“WHATEVER. EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR GONNA WIN, WHY CAN’T I JUST HAVE FUN WITH MY DRESS?” The busty brunette scrunched up her nose and started twirling a chunk of hair around her delicate pinky. “GOSH, BRI. YOU’RE SO JUDGEMENTAL.” Brielle was having none of Ashlynn’s drama; she rolled her eyes and continued to browse. “SERIOUSLY THOUGH, WE’VE GOT TO FOCUS. WE NEED TO PUT THE FINISHING TOUCHES ON OUR PLAN. WE HAVE TO LEGIT RUIN CASSIDY’S LIFE.”  Ashlynn popped a piece of sugarfree gum into her mouth. “WAIT…? SO WE’RE NOT DOING THE MOUSE THING ANYMORE?”

Zooey involuntarily gasped and the BitchBots spun around to stare at us. We ran out of the store so fast they didn’t even have to come up with a witty remark about my Star Wars t-shirt and “ironic” plimsolls. 

We barely spoke on the subway ride Darby Street, just sat there and pondered what on earth two brainless Barbie’s like Brielle and Ashlynn could be plotting. The day wasn’t a complete was in the end though, I ended up snagging a vintage lace slip and the most fantastic pair of military boots on the planet while Zooey picked up a zebra print babydoll dress.

The End

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