My First Kiss Went a Little Like ThisMature

A week had passed since our initial “date” at Dawson’s apartment and yet all I could think as I sat in detention hall was how much I was craving his presence. My eyes were glued to the clock, seventeen more minutes of this and I would be free. He had promised to meet me after detention and walk me home. HE HAD PROMISED TO MEET ME AFTER DETENTION AND WALK ME HOME! I had spent the first twenty-eight minutes of silence in Mrs Grealey’s room just contemplating the sheer gentlemanly-ness of that simple promise which had set my panties on fire.

“Whoever helps me finish tallying these nominations gets to leave early!” Mrs Grealey lifted a single over plucked brow “Any takers?” I raised my hand; She exhaled deeply. “Alright Miss Grey, just record which five names got the most votes and write them down on this sheet.” She handed me a bright blue piece of paper with “Freshman Formal Court” typed neatly across the top and a shoebox filled with tiny slips of paper. She had already filled out the guys names under the deliciously poetic title of “Freshman Formal King Nominees”. My slightly amused expression was interpreted by Mrs Grealey as a need for further explanation; she laid out the basics of the nomination process for me. “It’s simple really. The five girls and five boys who had their names written down the most are nominated to the court. At the dance there will be a vote for which members of the court will be king and queen.

I didn’t hear a word she said, however. I was already diligently making tallies of who had gotten how many nominations. The majority of the names in the shoebox were to be expected: Ashlynn Jenks, Tiffani Lessers, Molly Bradshaw, Cassidy English, and Brielle McKenzie. What surprised me though, was the number of votes for my best friend. Over and over I pulled out slips of paper with “Zooey Abrams” scrawled across them.

I shouldn’t have been as shocked as I was; Zooey was a pretty girl. What with her creamy milk chocolate complexion, large almond-shaped brown eyes, and rib-length black hair she could have easily been one of the models prancing the pages of Teen Vogue. It still felt like a slap on the face though. Like the entirety of my grade was telling me “Your best friend is beautiful, you’re not. Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Naa!”

By the time I filled out the list “Brielle McKenzie, Cassidy English, Molly Bradshaw, Ashlynn Jenks, Zooey Abrams” my heart had dropped down to my stomach. Who was I kidding thinking that a guy could actually like me? Especially an amazing guy like Dawson. I was just as delusional as Mrs Grealey, who seemed to be under the opinion that shoulder pads and sloppily applied neon orange lipstick were the height of fashion.

I handed the paper to Mrs Grealey and left the room without saying a word, I was to scared I would break out sobbing if I attempted to talk. After closing the classroom door I almost jumped with fright, noticing that there was someone leaning against the lockers across from me. It was Dawson, of course it was Dawson, why wouldn’t it be Dawson? “Hey Farrah, you look a little shaken up… is everything okay?”

That was all it took, everything that had been splashing around in my head came pouring out. “Its just… Zooey got nominated for Queen; and I know that she’s, like, way prettier than me but it still makes me feel like shit. Y’know? It’s like, I know I should be happy for her or whatever but I just can’t.” He wrapped his arms around me in a bear hug, I felt as if his embrace was the only thing keeping me from falling to pieces. “Aww, Farrah you’re like the coolest chick I’ve ever met. And high school dances are bullshit anyway.” He brushed a chunk of hair out from in from of my eyes.

Suddenly, something amazingly fantastically magical happened. HE KISSED ME. HEKISSEDMEHEKISSEDMEHEKISSEDME!!! My head was spinning, my whole body went warm, my throat went dry. Nothing could ruin this moment, absolutely nothing. Mrs Grealey peeked her head out into the hallway. “Farrah Grey! Kyle Dawson! NO PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION IN THE HALLWAYS!” Well, apparently something could and did. The magic bubble that had surrounded us burst and what had seconds ago been the best moment of my life was now becoming the most awkward.

The End

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