Daleks rule the universe!

As I havev said on my page I am seriously into doctor who right now so I am going t try and write a story based on it. i amnot to shure on the plot right now but I will fill this in as I go along. Right know I think it is the late 20th centuary in new york(If you need to go to http://www.doctorwho-episodes.com/ to catch up)

Far below in t busy streets of New York city there are millions of humans going around their daily shopping and what have you. High high above behind the massive face of big ben a pale blue light is shining.

Ten minutes later the top 5 metres of big ben is covered in strange blue light. The humans below look up and then get on with their daily chores as by now the humans are used to alien things happening. One young, blonde haired woman stairs up at the blue lights and does not wonder off.

BANG A loud explosion is heard all over New York city as the top of Big Ben explodes. The woman loks at her wach and says "about time" Then for the top of Big Ben you can hear a loud metallic voice giving orders

Gather all humans and exterminate any resistance Pandioneum erupts as everyone suddenly start to run back home. Only one woman remains watching the etower until a bunch of metal bins come flying out then she walks away sending a text.


The End

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