Chapter 3Mature

Why does my head hurt so much? I tried to put my hand on my head but I couldn't move my left hand.

The ground beneath me felt like tough taffy. I could smell seawater and hear shrill gulls in the east."Where the hell am I?", I thought to myself. That simple thought made my head scream.Something wet slapped against my face and I moved my right arm to block it.

 I dreaded to think of what my hand just touched and quickly wiped it on the ground.

"Stay calm Alexos .You need to analyze the situation", I said out loud and then took deep breathes to steady my head

My stomach felt like it’s about to claw out of my mouth and I can’t move my left arm. I slowly open my eyes and was instantly blinded by the sun. My vision spun like a windmill and a warm breeze blew over me. Where am I ?I closed my eyes until I felt that the world wouldn't throw me.I slowly opened one eye and was horrified by what I saw

AWWWW AAAA screamed the great white monstrosity standing over me.

I propelled myself as far away as I could get from the creature, both of my eyes shooting open with unbelievable terror.

The bird-thing gazed at me with deep green-blue eyes. Its black maw dripped translucent slime onto the coral colored ground. It’s body was shaped like a great pelican and it’s feet were like that of a Chinese dragon. It’s was massive, almost as tall as Me.It completely held my attention.It had an air of great dignity and wisdom about it.It’s gaze seemed to say ”You’ll do.”

“What are you?” I whispered, feeling as if my stomach was going to empty out right now.

The creature shook it’s great head as if mocking me and with a great flourish of it's magnificent wings it flew into the deep blue sky.

I watched it sail away into the horizon before I realized how lost I really was. No matter where I looked there was nothing but ocean.

I was sitting in the middle of a small island.This island was surrounded by other small islands that looked similar but with different colors and varying sizes. The closest island was barely three inches away from me. All the islands seemed to be, swaying but I dismissed that as an effect of my dizziness.

The ground I was sitting on was flat and had pore-like holes on it. All in all the “island”, if it could even be called that,was no wider than me, with my arms stretched out.

I had no idea how I had gotten there and no idea how to get back. My clothing was in tatters and my left arm was definitely broken. I had no food, no freshwater, no medicine and no shelter.

After taking stock of the situation,  I decided to make my way to the closest shore.

I tried to walk but the dizziness was too much. So I simply slid across the small surface till I reached the shore.

I cautiously looked into the water and was amazed at how clear it was.The island didn’t just end. It sloped down to form a bell. Underneath that bell was what looked like jellyfish tentacles. I sat back and ran my hand through my hair.The tentacles were moving like drills. It was only then I realized the islands were actually moving, swimming jellyfish. All around  were these same bells and tentacles.


I am on a pod of moving jellyfish?!?

Where the hell am I?

The dizziness came back in full force and the contents of my stomach finally escaped into the clear blue water.The world went black.


I woke up again around dusk. My stomach had settled down and my headache had been reduced to a dull throb.The large white sun was setting.The whole sky was faintly purple as I watched the sun go down the horizon.

As night approached the jellyfish seemed to anchor themselves against each other . I looked into the water to see my jellyfish’s tentacles wrap around the other one nearby. After all that had happened I was exhausted but then I saw the water start to glow.The sound of sitars twanging, puzzled me.Where was it coming from? Beautiful effervescent fish swam around the jellyfish nibbling at their bells.

The minute darkness fell, the world around me exploded.

It seemed like a great torrent of emotion had been released into the air. All around me the sounds of fish swimming and splashing could be heard.I could hear singing coming from a strange copse of tree-like plants under water.The plants swayed to and fro, changing colors as they moved. Any fish that ventured close to their branches were quickly captured in their seaweed-like grasp.

All around me was the sounds of life and I was fascinated. I spent the entire night watching the water.If I only could have documented this I would have had a career and reputation that would last a lifetime.

At dawn the jellyfish began to move again and after a few hours I saw a small dot in the horizon.

By noon I could see a small Japanese-Style house. I was too far away to make anyone out but I could see light from a solitary window.There seemed to be a long wooden pier attached to the house.

I tried to scream for help but was too far away for anyone to hear. It didn't matter anyway. I’d be there soon.


The End

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