Chapter 1Mature

This is a story about a guy who falls into another world.

“Alexos Raoli, what the heck were you thinking?” as that thought struck me ,”I couldn’t help but stare at the blinding white ceiling.”

My body seemed weighed down.Lately, getting up in the morning seemed more and more like a war with gravity.I swung my legs over the rail,in defiance, but once again I was defeated.
I was not looking forward to this particular morning at the facility. No, I was not looking forward to it at all. Little time pass, before I, jumped quietly to the ground and slipped out of the room.
My roommate began to toss and turn.”Shit”I thought as I held my breath, hoping he would stay asleep.If he saw me trying to leave he would immediately try to delegate me to something unpleasant, like cleaning up the algae dishes.I slipped quickly and quietly into the 100ft. long white hallway.Thankfully ,unlike the main research center, the dormitories were generally deserted.I wasn’t scheduled to B shift so I had 12 hours until I got called in.
Instead I got a research station of cruel, close minded, institutionalized windbags who kept the younger scientists under their thumbs. I was surprised they hadn't found a reason to kick my ass out of here. Though if I waited long enough, they probably would I was certain they would celebrate afterwards.
Not to mention there annoying tendency to blow things out of proportion. My treatment had been nothing but gracious. They were kind and polite but the atmosphere was icier than a ice cave.The time I forgot some papers at the mess hall had nearly given my superior a heart attack. Being 5 seconds late to wake up to call had gotten me janitor duty.
The social pressure I felt from the other scientists was exasperating me and exaggerating my natural clumsiness.It had caused many accidents such as: breaking a test tube (that had gotten me stuck cleaning snow mobiles), for destroying the amoeba lab, vomiting on Director Bacon, and a whole host of other things that only made the situation worse. It was like my own body was out to get me and was succeeding.

I had pulled the worst lot and would have to brave the frozen tundra to go fix the sensors.I wish I had turned down the United Nations offer. What did the U.N need with a cryptozoologist at such a remote location? Was Bigfoot running around somewhere?
To be honest if given the same choice I would have said yes.
I found strange empty caverns filled with glowing algae under the Antarctic Ice shelf. Elated,I had raised alarm bells all over, thinking they were a new species. Only for the assistant biologist to point it out to be a minor species of lichen. I had faced nothing but skepticism ever since.
I put on the well-made thick coat and the 20 pound. Red equipment pack filled with expensive gizmos, needed to fix the sensors. I strapped it to my back to keep it secure; during the trip up the Western Antarctic Ice Shelf.
I went to the loading zone; heading straight to the silver metal door next to the hazmat room. I entered and was greeted with the sight of a dimly lit and musty room lined with well-made snowmobiles; all in regulation blue with the U.N seal in white. I walked down the raised platform towards the oldest snowmobile and put my equipment down.
I pulled the cord of a small flat object from a compartment inside the side of the snowmobile.It had two ridges at the sides of the sled that looked like wings. I extended them from their slots and then I pulled them down to form runner.
I started to strap the equipment down on the sled. I was attaching the long cord at the end to the back of the snowmobile when I heard the sound of a door closing. I quickly ducked behind the snowmobile as a group of people walked by. They stopped right in front of my vehicle.
“Shit”,I thought, my luck just couldn’t be any worse.
I looked down and recognized the two pairs of dark colored boots, they belonged to Dr.Guy and Dr.Javier. Their raucous voices made me sick. Both men were my sworn enemies. I quickly pulled myself back into the shadows.

"Have you heard about the preposterous theory put forth by that so called Dr.Raoli." said Dr.Javier snickering unable to control himself.
"Yeah, he got sensor duty. " answered Dr. Guy, his gravelly voice grating on Alexos’s nerves.
"Not surprising seeing as how I made certain that cretin got stuck with it", Dr.Javier said with a smug tone.
"How is that possible. ", Dr.Guy said curious and slightly awed. Alexos felt his stomach twist inside. I hadn't felt that way since being picked on in Middle school.
"I got the research team to go along with it, then I slightly marked all the cards but one so as to distinguish the correct blank ones. Then I made sure Mr.Roali was the last to pick lots, sticking him with the grave duty of going into that frozen hell."
Dr.Javier began to laugh heartily and they made their way to the door across the room.
Their dark shoes seemed to mock me as they walked away.

The End

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