The First Steps

 At seventeen I was too young, but too old for everything. My head felt constantly in a fog of confusion, unsure of myself I was always blushing and quiet. Except for at the dances when everyone was spinning around too fast to notice anything other than the colour of your dress and the curls in your hair.

 He was nineteen. Older, it seemed he new so much more about the world and his eyes sparkled with all the stories I new that he would tell me over time. They were this mixture of green and blue and sparkled almost translucently.

  I remember the first time we stole away for a secret moment. We had only known each other for an hour or two, but he beckoned for me to follow him through the crowd of dancing teenagers and I did. Taking his coat of he draped it around my shoulders, it was thick and smelt of soft cologne and tobacco, I pulled it close, loving the feel of it's material against mine. It seemed such a huge symbol of my growing up, wearing a boys coat about me. A boy, a man who liked me.

 Shivering a little and worrying about the rain ruining my hair, I let him drape his arm protectively about my shoulder and lead me under a stone arch. We were both shivering slightly, but he just laughed.

 "So, it would seem we're alone."

 "It would."

 "What would your mother say?" he laughed, wipeing a rain drop from chin, his thumb just grazing my lips.

 I shrugged. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I wanted him to touch my lips again. What was that about?

 "Shall we walk?"

 "It's raining!" I laughed.

 "A little rain never hurt anyone."

 So I nodded and that was it, simple. The first steps we took together and the first time I actually thought about life beyond finishing school and to the fact that I would marry someone someday.

The End

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