Daily Procrastinations- The Lord of The RingsMature

I love The Lord of The Rings, don’t get me wrong, I love the movies and I love the first book, I couldn’t be arsed to carry on reading. I love it but its just so easy to mock that I just can’t let the damn thing get away with it.

My first problem. The fact they would always call the ring their precious. Gollum in particularly was very small, I’d imagine he wasn’t at all well-endowed, did he used to spend those lonely nights in Moria showing his precious just how much he cared by making sweet sweet love to it? I’d like to think so.

Fan Boys. You aren’t wizards, you aren’t hobbits, and you aren’t elves. Deal with it

I’ve heard people rambling on about how many times they’ve seen this films, since when did seeing a film a lot become an achievment!? Surely that’s just the perfect way to reveal to the world that you have no life at all! Saying that I have a dvd collection that’s now numbered at about 350, so I can hardly talk…

The films were, essentially, 3 films about people walking to a volcano. Surely there was a bus going past Mordor that would’ve allowed them to make it a single film rather than 3?

I won’t even start on the gay vibe.

The End

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