Daily Procrastinations- The RoyalsMature

Now first of all allow me to say that I’m not one of those people who never stops complaining about the royal family, saying that they are a drain on the economy and entirely pointless etc etc, because as far as I can see that isn’t true. The royal family have their uses, they are great for tourism and they give this country a sense of class, at least in the eyes of those outside who can’t see the chavs, football hooligans and Saturday night drinking.

They are of course also very  entertaining, some of them are really quite beautiful. In fact I’m sure there are men out there who have little secret crushes on Prince William, because in the cold light of day he is very very pretty. What man wouldn’t like to be taken tenderly in his arms or to spend many lazy summers days writing sonnets to each other whilst giggling like school girls, and Harry, what self-respecting weirdo hasn’t at least momentarily considered what it would be like to be taken roughly from behind by him wearing his Nazi uniform? I’d like to think that my suggestion there is entirely untrue but the world is a little bit strange isn’t it?

I for one love Prince Harry, not because of his lovely ginger hair or boyish charm, no no, because I would personally love to see him on the throne, after all who wouldn’t want to be ruled by a king who would probably like to have the length of days extended by a few hours because he didn’t’ think the 24 hour drinking law gave him enough time.

So lets bow down to the royal family because some of them, that’s right some of them, are pretty damn awesome.

The End

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