Daily Procrastinations- Ready MealsMature

Everyone here has had one of those days where they just can’t be bothered to eat, everyone gets like that. The solution? Ready meals. Of course these meals aren’t actually ready, no, you have to go home and microwave it. So even the name is a lie! Secondly these ready meals always seem to have such small portions! So really they should be known as Almost-ready-but-not-yet-snacks, that’s right snacks, meals are supposed to make you feel full, if your hungry again after ten minutes you had a snack, not a bloody meal!

Ready meals don’t often come cheap but they are quite often on offer, a while back I saw two ready meals for £7. SEVEN POUND! That’s a bit expensive for a meal that isn’t even going to fill you up! Yet people fill their trolleys with these money sucking snacks.

Perhaps one day we will see people roaming supermarkets with bats smashing these little packets of crap screaming for nutrition. If I see that I’ll be happy, mostly because it will be very very funny.

The End

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