Daily Procrastinations- Receptionists in Doctor's SurgeriesMature

Before I start writing this perhaps I should write a disclaimer saying that this is aimed at the minority of bad people in this profession, but then where would the fun be in that !? In fact I only remember encountering one nice receptionist in my life, that’s right, ONE! Is it in the job description to be mean to customers? Are they required to end the phrase “The Doctor will see you now” with a punch in the face and the kick in the balls? Should we feel bad for not knowing the complicated procedure to follow when you call their overly elaborate appointment booking services? That’s what we have to deal with whenever we have to go to the doctors, your doctor tells you that your suffering from Type 2 Diabetes and the receptionist will be in shortly to look down her nose at you.

If you’re a receptionist who’s just like that… fuck you :D

The End

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