The might of Aphrodite


     Sitting in my living room back in my apartment, I stared at the mark and thought about what Dr. McCannon had said.

     "These god and goddess children are known of as Dahlias. There is a special school made just for them. I have the phone number. You can phone them and find out about the school and if you want to go."

     I walk slowly to the kitchen, as if in a dream, and pick up the wall phone. Dialing the number Dr. McCannon gave me, I wonder if I'm making a mistake.

     "Hello, Dahlia High, how may I help you?" A high-pitched woman's voice answers.

     "Uh, yes, my name is Camryn and I recently found a mark on my wrist. Dr. McCannon told me to phone this number for information on the school. He recommended I start attending school there."

     "Oh, goodie!" The woman yelped. Camryn flinched and sucked in her breath. "A new Dahlia! Oh... Sorry, I got a little excited, there! How old are you, Camryn?"

     I gave her all my information and by the end of the phone conversation, I was beginning to like the school already.

The End

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