The Birthmark

   Camryn O'Donnal ran the comb through her pixie-like blonde hair. As she reached to put it back, she noticed a mark half hidden under her sleeve, on her tanned skin. As she couldn't see without her contacts, she put her comb back and grabbed her contacts. As she put the contacts in her light-blue eyes, she couldn't stop thinking about the odd mark. She quickly put on her make-up, and then went into her beautifully-furnished living room where there was more light.

   "Hmmm..." She said as she looked at the mark closely.

   The mark was in the shape of a heart. She called her doctor to figure out if it was a birthmark of some sort.

   "Hello? Doctor McCannon? Yes. I would like to know about my birthmark? Come into your office? Okay, I'll see you in an hour. 'Bye."

The End

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