The world needs heroes. Not because of the evil that men do, but because of the evil men allow to happen. Yes, some villains curl their mustaches and build bombs to hold entire cities at ransom, but they are easily conquered. They call attention to themselves and make themselves easy to find. The foes that are hardest to combat are the ordinary men and woman of the globe that watch the world burn on their televisions and accept it for how it is. We deserve better! Our children deserve better! Evil is turning a blind to suffering, comforting yourself while others weep, and eating seconds while others starve! Evil is not one man or even a group of men. Evil is the collective indifference of all men.

Conversely, evil does not have to be contested by only one man, nor can it. The only force strong enough to reckon with evil is that of its own adherents. Conversions must be made. The light must be seen. It is the only way we will endure. Join together, brothers and sisters, and rejoice in the power of union! Together, we will stand against the tyranny of evil and show its officers that they are outnumbered.

Together, we will triumph!


Agent Flynn stepped on his cigarette as he finished reading the message on the brick wall. Behind him, Agent Moore sighed heavily.

“Look like he’s back,” he said.

Flynn licked his lips, never taking his eyes off of the brick wall. “It would seem so."

The End

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