Daemons and Faeries

A short short story I wrote on request. not my best work but my friend paints, and on occasion needs a muse, she asked me to depict a scene, and so I did, of them in the garden, but I needed to finish the story too, so I guess we helped each other haha :D!!

I stared longingly into her stunning steel blue eyes and I could feel her staring back into my deep brown eyes. They enthralled me; The emotion they could make me feel astounded me and made me wonder if she was entirely human, to have this strength over me, to be able to make me feel like I did. To make me feel this lust. This passion. This love.

The lust I felt in such a way that I wanted to kiss her right then and there at the table. Around all the kids. The adults.  It mattered not who saw, it mattered that I got to feel her warm, soft lips on mine and share the feelings I had within me through that kiss. The lust was almost overwhelming.

The passion I felt so strongly that I realized all my emotions resided around her. My happiness came from her happiness, if she smiled so did I because it was contagious, and gorgeous. And if she was unhappy I too felt as though something wasn't right and would endeavour to make it right for her. Again, I wondered where this came from, I had never felt so strongly about anyone before.

The love I felt for her was so strong it overwhelmed me. It flooded through my veins and was constantly on my mind. The amount I cared for her I actually couldn't describe. I just… I would do anything to protect her, I would take bullet for this amazing girl. It… It felt it like nothing I had felt before. It was amazing.

It was the last lesson before the end of the day. I remembered my teacher droning on about The Great Gatsby. It was literally painful to read. Then I thought about after school with that beautiful girl, that amazing girl. I daydreamed for the rest of the class. It went quickly until finally the bell rang.

My books were packed and  I was first out the door. Driven by the want to see into her stunning eyes again. Into her soul

By the time my books were in my bag, she was ready as well, I walked up to her and gave her the biggest hug, I couldn't help but hold her tightly too me, I wanted to hold on and never ever let go. But let go I did. I reached for her hand and her cold slender fingers fit into mine, warming them up. I gripped her hand tighter and I could feel her hand tense in response.

The short trip home went quickly with small talk and flirty comments the whole way. I loved her quick tongue, always with a smart reply for what ever I said to her.

We turned into the driveway heading towards the garden, the labyrinth of dense, cool, lush bushes we loved to cuddle in. We headed to our favourite seat, and I sat, with her in my lap. My hands found her waist, her hands found my neck and the wind messed her hair up. I fixed it, stroking it behind her ear and fixing her fringe. I kept my palm on her cold cheek, I leaned in, brushed her nose with mine and gently kissed her soft lips.

We got up hand in hand and walked inside, realizing mum would be home soon. I got us a cup of tea and headed into my room, shutting the door behind me.

I put on music as a cover for when mum got home and my hands found her waist which I gently squeezed. Her hands around my neck one in my hair, pulling, the other pulling my neck closer made me kiss harder, she kissed back and I pulled off her shirt, she took mine off and our skin touched. As I undid her bra I could feel her wings fold out, stretching after an aching day of subduing their urge to fly out and soar. I was the only person who knew what she truly was. A Faerie. And as she slowly lifted softly off the ground a few feet, she kissed two spots on my head and I reluctantly showed myself, a Daemon. She touched my horns stroking them and I caressed the soft, silky membrane of her wings. She knew that drove me wild and I knew this drover HER wild. She landed again and I was able to lean in and bite her neck, my canines sharper as my horns came out and I bit just hard enough to pierce her skin, just hard enough to draw blood and suck, just the way she liked. She in turn pulled my hair so hard strands came loose and I nearly screamed with pleasure. If this was good, I loved to think what next would happen

The End

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