Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4

Seek the opportunity in locked doors

They always have a key.


That night I sneak out to the very edge of the courtyard, sword in hand. I can’t be here any longer. With both hands I pull the sword back and bring it back down with all my strength. The blade grinds against an invisible barrier, sending a shockwave through its surface. I strike again. This time the blade slices past to the other side. The joy is short lived. A pulse shatters the blade and I am thrown backwards onto the cool grass. When will you give?! I look down the barrier, still pulsating from the blow. Ugh, I can’t see properly with this damn patch. I rip it off and throw it on the ground with the useless excuse for a sword. To my surprise I could see a lot better. Everything was clear as day and I could still see the barrier even though it had stopped moving.  I could actually be glad he almost gauged my eye out. With my new found vision I look for a point which might be weaker than other places I’ve already tried. In the distance one part of the barrier pulsates slowly. Is this it’s weak point?Maybe if I hit it hard enough it will open up… then again I might end up like the sword. I decide to try anyway, its time I got out of here. I flex my hand and crack my knuckles. You have to break this time! I plant my fist into the wall over and over. Cracks start to form. I might really get out of here! “Hey mister! What are you doing?” distracted I lose my rhythm. My fist shatters and I’m forced back once again. “Arghh! What the hell? What were you thinking kid, I was almost out!!” I clench my bloodied hand, glaring at the kid standing on the other side. I let my eyes adjust, she too is a demon. She looks like she’s been living it rough. There are cuts on her face and a bandage on her arm. Ignoring her I start again. She was of no concern to me. All I needed to do was get out of here. The barrier was cracking again. “That’s not gonna work y’ know.” What does she know? It was working until she came along. It’s almost broken. I punch harder and faster. The barrier shatters. Am I through? A sharp pain engulfs my fist, the cold grass catches me one again. “Hah? That time I was sure I was through.” That kid is still standing there, watching. “I told ya, it’s not gonna work.” Jumping to my feet I punch my serrated hand at the wall where she stands. She flinches “It aint my fault mister. You can’t get out that way.”

“So how do I get out hah? Fly? Dig? Say some magic word?” My patience is wearing thin. “You gotta destroy the bind.”

“The what?”

“You’re bound in there right?”


“Then you have to destroy the item that binds you. Know what it is? Coz if ya do then you can get outa there in no time!” I’m uncertain the item she speaks of is anything that I’ve seen before. If she’s right then I may never get out, considering Lord Talson is very careful when he needs to hide something. “What’s your name kid?” she looks flustered.

“Me? My name is Zasha. An I’m a theft demon.” Grinning she skips up to the barrier. “An who would you be?”

“Damien, Shadow master.” Zasha almost falls over.

“You? A shadow master?! Ya don’t look like one. Heck, you can’t be one can ya?” I smile. Maybe I can make a deal with this kid to help get me out. She is a theft demon, after all. “If you help me to get out of here…then I could show you.” Excitement fills her eyes.

 “For real? Oh wow, I’d love to see that…only thing is…”

 “What? What is it?” I ask. I need you kid don’t back out on me now.

“I can’t get in there. This barrier works two ways ya see. Keeps you in. Keeps me out.”

“I can help with that my dear friend.” I whip around to the face of Mr Grenich. “Your eye isn’t that bad either Damien. It has a rather nice glow to it.” What the hell is he still doing here?! “You see, I like demons. And I hate to see them so sad.” He pulls a gun from his jacket. “So when I see a sad, angry demon. I take them away and give them a new life. How does that sound, friend?” before I can say anything, there’s a loud bang. A bullet pierces my skin and everything goes black.

The End

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