Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3

Watch out for the sharks

Which hide in the deeps.


Half an hour passes before Elza comes back. In her hand is a black eye patch…with a red zipper diagonal through the middle. “Since you seem so fond of them now, zipper boy.” She flings the patch at me. “Better put this on now. We have a guest this morning. Thomas Grenich. I’m not sure on what business, but we don’t want to scare him off with that eye of yours.” I fit the patch over my eye. Elza grins “It matches your new outfit wonderfully!” I look in the mirror. I don’t know if I look more or less scary than before. I push some of my white hair over the patch. “You really do fuss too much about your looks. I always knew you were a girl on the inside~.” I shoot her an angry look, she giggles “Alright, alright don’t eat me.” As she stands to leave she turns to me again. “Oh, and Lord Talson expects you to be back at work today. So that means you have to look after the twins while he talks with Mr Grenich.” I groan and fall back onto my bed. “But the twins despise me! They’re pure eviiiiiiiiiiil”

“Says the demon.” Elza giggles and leaves the room.

“Why are you so mean to me?” I shout. Great. A day with the twins. And we have a guest. Could it get any better than this?


Tightening my eye patch I make my way to the twins’ room. Although my cuts have all healed, I can still feel the burning as I walk up the carpet draped stairs. Laughter travels down the stairs to meet me. It’s just for a day. Just. One. Day. I open the door and the twins stop their chatter. They both stare at me angrily “Lacie, why is Damien here?”

“Don’t know Gracie. Think Daddy sent him here to look after us?”

“He wouldn’t, would he?” Gracie struts up to me, she’s no taller than my chest. Looking up Gracie points a finger at my face. “You’ve got an eye patch! Lacie! Damien has an eye patch!” Oh Death no… Lacie jumps to her feet grinning “So he does~! Let’s play a game then. To go with your eye patch!” Im not even going to make it past the first minute. What the hell should I do?!  “Damien, you can be the pirate!” Lacie pulls me onto a chair. Gracie sits in front of me. “The floor is water!” she shouts, imaginarily swimming. “And we are the sharks!” Lacie grabs her scissors and snaps them open and shut several times. Elza please save me! Why do I have to be nice to these kids?! Lacie and Gracie circle to the back of the room and say in union “Survive for ten minutes and you win! But if you lose, we get to do whatever we want to you!” I’m going to go cry in a corner now. If you see a blob with darkness emanating from it…it’s me…  “Start now~!!” Gracie jumps onto her bed, picking up a knife as she does so. These kids are like 7! What the hell went wrong in their childhood?!! “Roar!” Lacie stabs at me with her scissors; I dodge and jump onto another chair. “Got ya!” Gracie throws her knife at my feet. Quickly I jump to their bed. This is not natural for 7 year olds! Elzaaaaaa!!!! Gracie runs to a bookcase. Pulling out a book she opens it and darts fall out. Darts. Just my luck. “Pirates only need one leg!” she yells, charging at me with ten darts in hand. I turn around to see Lacie with more scissors.  Where are they getting all these weapons from?!! “Off with his legs!” Lacie howls. “He needs a peg leg!” Gracie shouts.  I am officially worried I might die now. Gracie throws all ten darts and Lacie opens her scissors and uses them like ninja stars. One of the pairs

of scissors grazes my left cheek.“Hey I need at least one good eye here!”

As I speak one of Gracie’s darts hits my eye patch. The red zipper Elza had sewn into it causes the dart to sit neatly in the middle. I glare at Gracie and she shrieks “It’s a one eyed kraken!” I pull the dart from the patch and both girls go running. Thankyou, Elza. Smiling to myself, I think: they look like little jelly fish in those dresses. “Raaaah! I’m the almighty kraken! Tremble before me!” Maybe they’ll leave me alone now. Lacie and Gracie run squealing into another room. I sit on the bed, triumphant. Yeah, that’s right. Run away and leave me be. It isn’t long before I hear the noise of running footsteps coming back. What now? Lacie runs into the room with a gigantic sword, almost as big as herself. “Slay the Kraken!!”  WHAT THE HELL?! Lacie takes a swing at the bed, I jump out of the way, only just in time. The sword stays lodged in the bed and she struggles to get it out. Heh, can’t slay me now can you? “Don’t worry sister! I found a better one!” Gracie walks into the room dragging an even bigger sword than the last. I’m so dead! I can’t stay in here any longer! I race to the door before either of them can properly pick up that deathly sword. I run down stairs, listening out for the sound of a sword being dragged down them. I hear metal clattering two seconds later and burst into a sprint. “Come back Damien! We’re not done playing yet!” I glance back and the twins are carrying the sword together. The end of the blade sits half a metre above their heads. How in hell are they carrying that thing?  I stop at the wall at bottom of the stairs. Mr Thomas Grenich and Lord Talson are standing right there. Lacie and Gracie charge down the stairs seeing their opportunity and slam the sword right next to my head. I hear a bone splitting crack. The little devils just CUT OFF MY HORN!!! It falls onto the floor and both Lords stare at me. Mr Grenich is the first to speak. “You keep a demon as a baby sitter?” he chuckled, sounding curious and interested. Lord Talson raises an eyebrow “Uh…yes, we do. This is Damien. Don’t worry he won’t hurt anyone, he’s rather tame.” Still standing with the giant sword next to my head I bow politely. “Sorry for disturbing you Sir. The twins and I…” those freaking twins! “…were playing a game of pirates. It got a little out of hand.” Someday when I’m free I will murder you both for this!  “As I can see…” Lord Talson came up to me and picked up my cracked horn which lay bloody on the carpet. “I’ve told you about blood on the carpet Damien, you know better.” I lower my gaze.”I am sorry, my Lord.” To my dismay Lord Talson handed my horn to Lacie. “Go put this somewhere safe, ok sweetheart?” She giggled and ran off down the hall. I will kill you. I will kill you. I will kill you. “Damien?” I snap back to reality, Mr Grenich is smiling at me. “Care to take your eye patch off now? I like to see the whole face of new people I meet.” I must have looked shocked because he then boomed with laughter. “What? Is your eye cursed or something? Be a good sport and show me.” Slowly I lift my hand to my eye patch and begin to pull it off.

“Stop, Damien.” Lord Talson keeps his gaze firm. “We wish not to scare our guest, isn’t that right?” pulling my fingers away from the patch I shake my head “Of cause not, I apologise.”

Mr Grenich looks amused. “So! The demon has a secret! I like you Damien!” he pats me on the back and the two men walk off. I watch the two of them leave. Mr Grenich is kind of weird… I begin pulling the sword from the wall mumbling to myself “I will rip those two twins to shreds and stab them with darts and scissors until they slowly bleed to death. One after the other. No need to go at the same time. Then I will skin them and hang the skins as flags right in front o-“

“D…Damein?” I look up to see Elza has dropped a basket full of materials. “Damien you’re doing that creepy thing again…” glancing at the wall I see a giant shadow-like flame rising. I turn back to Elza “The twins are absolute evil.” Elza continues to stare at me in fear.

“Wh…what did they do?” she asks quietly. I yank the sword from the wall and swing it over my shoulder. “They broke my horn!” Elza crawls backwards from her place on the floor. “Damien seriously your creeping me out here! Your shadow thing is getting closer and your eye is glowing red…Damien?!” realising what I must look like to her I draw in my anger. I’m still going to kill them though. “So how much of that did you hear?” Elza frowns.

“All of it…” Picking up the patterned materials Elza stands again. I start to laugh. “I must look like a monster now hah?” she glares at me. “You think? All I saw was you with this creepy shadow around you, flaming eyes, you pulling a giant sword out of the wall and mumbling about killing people! For a teenage kid you sure can be scary. I know you’re a demon but…Can you try to not…demon in front of me?” with the sword on my shoulder I turn to leave. “I’ll try. But only because you asked me.” I can feel her eyes watching me go. Sorry Elza. I don’t mean to be this way. But it’s just how I am…

The End

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