Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

One must learn to live with

One’s own actions.


Nearing the iron gate of the shed I begin to worry. This doesn’t feel right, this time isn’t as normal. Why did I have to set that stupid pile of wood on fire? I should have just obeyed like I always did. Then this wouldn’t be happening. “Can you feel it already Damien? I got it forged just for you. I think you’ll like it very much indeed.” Lord Talson grins at me. “It was an expensive endeavour but I think it will pay for itself with the fun we have.”

Dragging me inside the icy shed, he shackles my hands together. He does the same to my feet and turns to the large iron table at the back of the room. I can see blood stains on the floor from previous punishments carried out in this room. There are splatters on all the walls too. I start to shake. “This, little blade…” Lord Talson turns to me again, a strange curved blade in his hands. “…is a sacred blade forged by a blacksmith who owns a thing called… an angels fire.” Strolling up to me he places the edge of the blade to my throat. A burning pain scorches my neck and I grit my teeth. What have I got myself into?  “Now I wonder…what kind of effect would a blade like this have on a demon? Hrmm?” Taking the blade to my shoulder he drives it in, wiggling the blade in circles. I scream as the burning sensation spreads throughout my whole arm. He strikes harder as he implants the knife into my other arm. I scream even louder. Again and again he strikes at my flesh, blood pouring from my wounds and

 painting the already bloodstained floor. I go in and out of consciousness. Each time I come to, Lord Talson still stands over me with that sacred knife. The pain increases each time I awake. I try to tell myself it’s not real, it’s just another nightmare. But then I remember; you can never truly escape your nightmares, they follow you. I come back to again. Lord Talson is crouching in front of me, smirking like an idiot. “Now Damien, how much do you like the colour of your eyes?” bringing the blade close to my face, he starts to laugh. “I think this eye would look much better if it were…” I stare up at him through clouded eyes. Please no. No. “Red!” searing agony sweeps through me as my right eye is gauged by the sacred blade. My screams echo in the room and he digs it in further and further. Lord Talson, now satisfied, steps away from me, leaving the knife deeply planted in my eye. “Think about how you act here, Damien. Do as I say, and you don’t have to come here again. Now I’m going to un-shackle you. I’ll open this place up again in a few hours…or days…” The shackles fall away but I don’t move. “Just think.” I hear him walk away and lock the gate behind him. Everything looks red. All I can see is… red. Feeling for the blade amongst the crimson liquid, I find the hilt. I hear my hand burn as I grasp it’s disgustingly holy surface and begin to pull. Screaming, I rip the blade from the depths of my eye and throw it far to the other side of the room. Slowly, I raise my hand to my eye. I run my fingers over the malformed surface. I can’t just sit here… Ill bleed to death…. I get to my feet. My vision blurs from red to black, black to red. Steadying myself I limp to the gate. I don’t plan on dying just yet. I take a few steps back. And killing me isn’t that easy. A mighty kick throws the gate onto the dry grass outside. I stare at it. What a flimsy prison keeper you made…

With my hand still on my eye I stumble down the path to the servant’s quarters once again, this time no intention of rebelling. Another one of the servants is walking to their room for the night. It appears I was in there for longer than I thought. She turns and her face is overcome with worry. “Damien?!” stopping before me she brings her hands over her mouth and gasps “What happened to you? Did Talson do this? What happened to your eye? Damien? Say something!” I stare at her with my one good eye. “I’m fine Elza… They’re just scratches, they’ll heal. Don’t worry about me, you should go inside before somebody sees you out here…” Elza takes a step closer and places her hand on mine. She gently pulls it away from my eye and gasps again. “How did this…” I cover my eye once more and walk past her “I did something I shouldn’t have, I payed the price. Just go to bed Elza, I’ll be fine, I promise.” Uncertainly she walks to her room. “You promise me you’ll be okay?”

Looking back I nod “I promise.” Though I might not be able to see after this…

Stumbling down the cold night corridors I find the room which Elza usually spends her days working. Elza was the Talson family’s seamstress.  She sewed all of the clothes which they wore and designed new clothes too. I light a candle and look around the room. Damn, still red. A mirror is sitting across from me and I can see why Elza had been so shocked. I mean I knew I was probably covered in blood and had several deep cuts but… My clothes were in shreds and blood had covered nearly all of my body. I let my hand fall from my eye. The colour had been completely drained and it was now a black abyss with a crimson centre. Blood poured out, giving me a more demonic look than usual. No wonder why people were scared of me. My curved horns and short blackened claws. Now I had the eye to go with them. Turning away I look in the closest set of drawers in the room. It was filled with zips. Red and black zips. The clothes I wear now are the only ones I have. I can’t just leave them in tatters and I don’t want to patch them up with odd bits of material which I’d most likely be accused of stealing. Plus I don’t want to drag Elza into this. She’s suffered enough as it is. Looking at the zips again I get an idea. I take several of them and close the drawer. My fingers leave a bloody hand print on its surface. At least Elza will know who took the zips.


I awake to the sound of crow song. Opening my eyes, I see that everything is no longer red; although the vision in my right eye seems grey scale. In the mirror beside me, my right eye is completely black with a white pupil, scars run down underneath it. It healed?I thought it would take forever… the blade went in so far…

I blink. My eye feels fine. I get up and hear the jingle of metal. I had sewn zips into my clothes to fill in all of the gaps, even made myself a zip choker to cover up the burn marks on my throat. My boots had zips in them too. I don’t know if Lord Talson is going to let me keep these clothes anymore, but these are all I have and I don’t see him wasting expensive material on me. There’s a knock on the door and Elza’s face peers in. “You feeling oka-“ she stops mid-sentence and her mouth just hangs open. “What did you do to your clothes?!” I laugh, of cause Elza would be shocked. She’s all about fashion and looking professional. “You can’t go to work looking like that! You’re covered in zippers!” I laugh harder at the expression on her face “What else was I supposed to do? I was basically dying and they were the first thing I found.” She pouts.

“So you fixed your clothes and not yourself. Do you love clothing that much? How un-manly.” 

“Ha! Me? Love clothing more than me? I don’t think so. I’m strictly self-centred.” I smile and she smiles back.

“I’m glad to see you’ve gotten better after one night. You demons really do have great healing powers. But your eye is still a problem…”

The End

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