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A young demon finds his life is falling apart at the seems and wishes to live a better life outside the walls of the Talson Mansion. After finding a new family and a place to call home it isn't long before it all starts to fade away once again...

Never forget each new day the sun rises, and heats

Your ever freezing hope.


The rising sun brings warmth into my body. Wind whistles in the long grass and passes over the stone fences of this prison in which I am bound. The trees sway, welcoming todays new light and the birds dart in and out of them, sounding morning songs. I look to the hills in the distance, forest clad and forever expanding. Someday I hope to go to that forest, but as I’ve learnt here, dreams of fantasy and happy endings never happen. You are never truly free. You never really escape your nightmares, which make sleep an option you can’t afford. Friendship always has its price, like a pin through the heart. Love is but an illusion made to make the fall even further down. Hatred…. Hatred is something that flows within and never resides. It captivates and takes over, leaving your old self as an empty shell. If left for too long it turns to insanity with a never ending void where neither light nor common sense can find its way.

Here there was hatred. Sadness too. Mixed with confusion and a sense of longing to leave to another world. A world where here didn’t exist. Together it all just makes one word; hopelessness. You’d think a person with as low a status as me would be overjoyed to live in a place like this one. Trees perfectly shaped, grass perfectly cut, house perfectly grand. Yes, this is a nice place. But it’s those who reside within that bring upon the grim feeling of hopelessness. The mere sound of their voices sending shards of glass into your back. The smells of their expensive perfume suffocating until you can no longer stand.

 The people I work for here, are not the best company. Let’s just say when you work here, doing what they say isn’t enough to stop pain from grabbing you and ripping you into the shadows. Working till your last breath seems near will never keep it at bay. It follows you around like a clingy storm cloud that can’t wait to rain on your freezing self-esteem.

I pick up a mud clad, blunted axe and stare at the pile of wood before me. The pile towers over me and its fresh pine smell fills the air. A mansion like the Talson’s, even at its size, couldn’t possibly need this much wood. Not even in a year of winter. Yet here I am after four days of chopping wood and they still insist it isn’t enough for their grand fire places. Yawning I flop onto the pile and lay back, gazing at the rising sun and the tiny clouds which hovered over it. If only I were somewhere else. Risking closing my eyes I begin to drift off. Somewhere else…

“Damien!” a child’s voice echo’s out into the courtyard. “Don’t go falling asleep Damien! Daddy wants all that wood chopped up real good. If you don’t, Daddy might chop you up instead!” the child giggles and another voice calls out “Better keep going Damien! I think we might have woke Daddy up!” I struggle to my feet, trying to stop the wood from falling off of its pile as I stand. Quickly, my axe and I return to our work. Swing, chop. Swing, chop. How I hated those twins.

In the background a door opens and slams shut again. Heavy footsteps head my way, I try to ignore them. “Good morning, Damien.” A smooth voice says slowly. I turn quickly and bow “Good morning, my Lord…” he glances past me at my work, then at the window where the two twins of mockery hid. Striding towards me he picks me up by my shirt. “My little angels said you were shouting insults at them, again.” I said nothing, as nothing good ever came from responding. With a grunt of disapproval he threw me into the pile of wood. The planks I had spent days cutting were scattered and sent rolling. I felt several splinters slice my skin. “Leave my children alone Damien. Filth of your kind shouldn’t even dare to look at them.” He turns sharply and yells as he marches away “And clean up that mess you’ve made! Re-stack the wood and cut me another pile! It’ll be a cold winter this year!” I wait until the door slams shut once again and wipe the blood from my hands and face. It will be a cold winter I think to myself.


Like I have always said, hatred leads to insanity, and insanity blocks all common sense. So what I’m thinking now sounds like a great idea. To me the cold is nothing, I can’t feel it. But to them, the frost of winter is an unwelcome guest. They prefer to stay warm and comfortable in front of fires which burn up the wood I cut every year. Well, it’s a little chilly this morning. Maybe a nice big fire would warm those two little twins up a bit. Yes, a fire would make them very happy and warm indeed. The twins stare down at me from their comfy abode, laughing at my supposed failure. I smile happily, and wave. Confused and unimpressed they step away from the window, out of my sight. Good.Now I can do this without prying eyes.

Dropping my axe I walk to the servant quarters. Opening the crooked door to my room I begin to search for the matches I had put in here a while ago. I open the drawers opposite to my stone of a bed and smile. There you are. Closing the draw and leaving, a feeling of pleasure comes over me. I near my now ruined used-to-be pile of wood and begin to stack them once again, just as I was told. I pull the tree that sat off to the side into the pile as well. The leaves will burn nicely. After a good hour or two of chopping more wood for my pile I step back and admire its mass. This will make the perfect fire… Just right for a perfect family. Picking up the matches I take one out of its small red container and strike it against the box. It sparks and lights, giving me impish glee. Make it burn nicely little match.

I throw the match onto the pile and watch happily as the fire eats at the wood with gluttony. I sit on a stump in front of the golden flames, taking in its beauty and grandeur.

A few minutes of burning flame pass before a scream sounds out from behind me. Took them long enough. I thought for a while they would never see my handiwork. The usual noise of door slamming follows the scream and once again heavy boots on gravel path come my way. I don’t even bother to turn around. I know what I’ve done and what’s going to happen.I made a nice fire though, so it was well worth it. “Damien what in God’s name have you done?!” Laughing I reply,

“I made a lovely fire for you and the twins. Winter is going to be cold, like you said. Thought I’d start to warm the place up early.” He grabs one of my horns and brings my head close to his. “You know what happens to the servant who disobeys me, right, hell scum?”

Still laughing, I fling my axe into the fire “You’re going to cut me up into little pieces~” I don’t care what he does to me. He’s already done it a million times before. Only thing is all the other times I had done nothing wrong. He yanks at my horn again, pulling me to my feet. “You’re exactly right. I am going to cut you up into little pieces. Using a special item of mine” With that he leads me away to the other side of the Talson mansion.

All servants know when they are taken to the small shed I see before me, that they are in for a world of pain. Every time you’ll come out with blood dripping from cuts and wounds that have had salt rubbed in.

Suddenly losing my happiness for my rebellious act it sinks in what is happening. The Lord Talson had said “Special item”. Being what I am that would mean he will be using something that would make even a demon scream. Something capable of making you squirm until your very last breathe. Maybe my fire, even though it was perfect, wasn’t such a good idea after all… But it was just a fire. Surely he wouldn’t do anything that harsh…right?

The End

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