Chapter FiveMature

I was five years old when my life started to change. I was taken out of the cupboard as usual and but instead I was dumped in a bath. I was scared, for as long as I could remember. My Dad then cleaned me for once....and sexually abused me as well. I remember fingers being poked in my anus and his hands staying on me penis a little longer then nessessary.  Once he decided he was done my now clean body was dumped on a bed. He told Dean to do "suck me off" "screw me hard and good" and "stick a dildo inside me", and of course Dean did as we was told. Dean was then told to get me walking and talking again....this took months for me to remember again.

During the the months, I was beaten if I wasn't improving enough. Dean was still sniffing up coke off me and getting high. At this time I began to take regular showers....with Dean while Dad watched. My showers were full of sexual abuse committed by my brother. To this very day I don't blame Dean for the sexual or physically abuse, he was just as much as a victim as me.

Soon as I was talking and walking....justly, my ability to do this was that of a toddler. I was still getting beaten a lot but instead of hurting me Dad had kidnapped a young boy, Max Miller who was my age. Dad gave Max the same treatment as I had, Max was locked up in the cupboard or truck and never fed. Me and Dean were told to rape and beat him, which we always did. I do regret hurting Max the way we did, but what else could we of done? Max always cried and begged to go home to his Mommy of course we never did let him.

A few weeks after Max was taken, Dad ordered Dean to burn the letters 'JW' onto Max's back, later I found out this is called 'Branding', something often done to slaves. Max was in agony after being branded and could barely move for weeks. We and Dean managed to sneek him food from time to time. I don't remember much about Max but I do remember one thing he said to me which will haunt me for the rest of my life, "please can you stop hurting me?". Of course me and Dean never listened....we couldn't. Max asked the same thing after being raped for years till his death.

Max was sometimes washed, he joined me and Dean in the shower being sexually abused while John watched. Max was treated as a punch bag, and a sex toy and later a slave. He didn't understand what he did to him and why, we didn't even understand. We were children, children who had to suffer things full grown adults can't even cope with.

After a few months of being here, Max was taught how to cook and clean weapons....beaten if he did something wrong. Max was then cooking John and Dean there meals and giving me kitchen scarps while he straved. It must of been hard for Max to work with food while he was so hungry. Max had to make the bed, clean the motel rooms, clean our clothes, clean the weapons, and make the meals all at the young age of five.

The End

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