Daddy's SoldiersMature

The abuse story that shock the world, two brothers raised as child soldiers for their father, and then made to fight each other to death.

I was two years old when my father came back from the Marine's. He was MIA (missing in action) from before I was born. Up until that day, it had just been myself, my older brother Dean and my mother Mary. Dean used to tell me stories about him being a hero, I don't remember these but whatever he used to be he had changed now. Now he was cold, and twisted and suffered PTSD along with depression and a drinking problem and addiction to numrous drugs. After nearly three years of torture, he's mine had changed, been wrapped.

The day he returned was not a happy one, even though Mom had been pregnant before he left, he doubted that I was his child and accused Mom of sleeping with another man and cheating on him. Even if Mom did find someone else, we thought he was dead. We had even had a mock funaral for him when I was six months old.  When we got a phone call that told us he was alive and coming home, we were in a state of shock and disbelife.

I don't remember much, but I remember Dean telling me that Dad beat Mom and accused her of having an affier. He also throw him across the room, causing me to break my arm and bang my head, and screaming in Dean's face for my father. Dean at the the time was six, and didn't understand why he's hero and father was behaviouring this way. Dean later told me, that he wet and blamed himself for what had happened. Of course he had nothing to do with it, he was just a child how could he?

That was also the same night he killed our mother. It happened at night, because I was in my bed at the time. It happened just a few feet away from me, luckly because of my age I don't remember it well. Just what I read in newspapers and the police report. He beat her badly, and then made a large cut across her stomach and then set her alight. He was going to leave me in my bed and burn. It was Dean who saved me that night. Years later he told me that he carried me out.

Dad then took us away, moving from motel to motel under false names to advoid police. He was a very dangerous man and we were trapped under he's control. We know our Dad's love like the back of his belt against our bare backsides. He tricked police and child protection servers so they're was no one at all to help us. We never went to school, so no one saw us to know about our suffering.

And those who did, died before they could a chance to kill. He was angry at the American government for leaving him and not helping him. People go missing in war all the time, but he took it personal. He was convinced that the president had slept with Mom and adbandoned him, which was completly untrue.

We were children trapped in a the downward spiecal of our mentally unstable father....and there was no one to help us.

The End

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