Daddys' little girl

Teenage girl wanting to wear diapers and be a little girl again. Her father is more than willing to help her fulfill her dream. She finds a soulmate in the quietest girl in her class, and her Daddy finds a helper

Daddy,” I said one Saturday morning at breakfast, “I wanno start wearing diapers!” Well, truth be told, I said it in kind of a whiny, childish voice.

He put down the newspaper and peered at me over his reading glasses: “You want to what?”

“Wear diapers!” I repeated. “I’ve looked at some sites on the web, and I think it looks as if it’s nice; so I wanno try myself.” I looked at him in way I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist.

“I thought that was what you said.” He sighed deeply. “Tell you what; let’s start by buying one pack so you can try it this weekend. If you still like it by Monday, I’ll buy some more and some other things to go along with it. I suppose you want to use them as well; not just wear them?”

I thought about it for a while.

“They’re meant to be used; aren’t they? I mean; there’s no point in wearing them and not using them!”

“It’s been a long time since I last changed your diaper, but I think is still remember how to do it. So, from now on; no more bath-room visits for you, except for using the tooth-brush, or when I help you take a shower every morning. And that’s the last meal you eat by yourself. Think about it: if you want to wear diapers like a baby, you must accept being treated like one.”


After breakfast, he took out my one-piece ski-suit from the closet, even though it was a few degrees above zero. After some wrestling, he managed to put it, and my boots, on. He wrapped a scarf around my neck; put a knitted hat on my head, tying the strings in a neat bow underneath my chin, and a pair of knitted mittens on my hands. He took a roll of clear tape and wrapped it around the gap between the sleeves and the mittens. That way, there was no chance for me to get them off by myself.

Then we walked down to the local supermarket and straight for the diaper-section, where he chose diapers which had tape fastenings on the side, could hold much, but weren’t too obvious. He also bought a couple of baby bottles, a pack of baby formula, a couple of cans of baby food, moisturized baby wipes, baby powder, and a dummy.

And so my life as a teenage-baby began.


When we came back home, he took the ski-suit and everything else off of me, and told me to lie on my back on the bed.

He took a pair of socks from my drawer; put them over my hands and, using the tape, made sure I couldn’t take them off.

Then he rummaged around some more, found an old skirt, which normally ended halfway to my knees, and brought it over to me. He unbuttoned my jeans and took them off, along with my panties. He opened the packet of diapers, grabbed my knees, lifted my legs in the air and put one under me. He lowered the knees, and taped the diaper in place.

“How does that feel?” he asked.

I sat up, to really get a feel for what it was like.

“Mm,” I said, “not bad at all, actually. I think I can get used to this, pretty quickly.”

“It’ll be interesting to find out if you still say the same thing come Monday morning,” he said with a smile.

After he put my panties back on and replaced my jeans with the skirt, he let me look at myself in the mirror. I thought the diaper was clearly visible beneath the skirt, which bulged out in a way it hadn’t done before.

“I want to check something in the basement. I think we still got some of your old baby stuff down there,” he said. ”Can I trust you to be alone for a couple of minutes?”

I said he could, and he left.


A couple of minutes later, he came back carrying a play-pen I had used when I was little, and my baby-leash.

“Waste not, want not!” he said, strapped the leash on me and started assembling the pen. When he was done, he lifted me inside, and attached the ends of the leash to the sides. It was so short I had to sit on my knees to be comfortable. He went back down and came back with a box filled with my baby-toys, which he put in the pen beside me.

He smiled down at me, patted me on my head, and said: “Now you play here like a good little girl, until daddy come and get you for your bottle and change. Then it is time for you to take a little nap, so you can play some more.”

Before I had time to protest, he put the dummy in my mouth, to which he had tied a string, which he tied behind the back. He put a ribbon under my chin and tied it together, so I couldn’t open my mouth to spit it out.


I heard him work on the computer, mumbling and muttering as he always did, and I turned my attention to the toys. It wasn’t easy picking them up with my hands covered, but I managed somehow. Believe it or not, but I had so much fun I never noticed the signals from my bladder until it was too late. As I felt the urine fill the diaper, the chock made my start to cry. Daddy heard me and came into the room.

“Wassa matter?” he cooed. “Baby filled her diaper?”

I snivelled and nodded. He unclasped the reins and lifted me out of the pen, put me on my bed, took off the soaking wet diaper and put a dry one on. He left me to throw the old one in the bin, and when he came back, praised me for being a good girl when I used it, instead of wanting to go to the bath-room. He put me on the floor, but when I tried to get to my feet, he laughingly said, as he put a heavy hand on my head and pushed me back down:

“Oh no, you don’t; babies don’t walk; do they? Of course they don’t; they crawl. So that’s   what you’ll do as long as you’re in diapers!”

So that’s what I did, when I wasn’t sleeping, eating baby-food, or drinking formula from a bottle.

Monday morning came along, and Daddy asked me, if I wanted to continue being diapered.

“Yes, please,” I answered, “if it isn’t too much trouble?”

“No; no trouble at all,” he shook his head. “I’ll try to get everything you’ll need, while you’re a school. Promise me you’ll be home for lunch; you hear? I suspect it’ll be high time for a change of diapers by then and your bottle. You’ll have to take your nap this afternoon before doing your home-work.”

“Yes Daddy, I promise.”


The morning dragged on, and halfway through it I discovered I needed to change my diaper. As I, of course, didn’t have one I had to wait until I got home, but by then I had had one more accident. Thankfully, the diaper was thick enough to absorb all the liquid, but it was a close call. At the end of the last class before lunch, I felt the bladder getting ready to empty itself again, but I managed to persuade it otherwise until I got out of the room and on my way home.

When Daddy saw the wet diaper, he blurted out:

“Thank God I bought thick diapers. I bought some more packs this morning, and I’ve ordered some things I think you need, if you’re to remain a baby full time.” He cleaned the area between my legs, before putting a liberal amount of baby powder and a new diaper, and my sweat pants on.

He put me on the floor, and I crawled to the table. He put me on my chair and gave me my bottle. Then it was time for me to return to school.


A couple of days later, the things he had ordered arrived. It was an adult-sized crib and high-chair, a table on which he could change my diapers and a new set of reins. The first he did after opening the boxes was to assemble the furniture, and get rid of my old bed. He had also ordered a completely new wardrobe for me to use when I wasn’t in school and some other ab-stuff. Now, I truly was his little baby girl!


I was surprised when Gwen, a quiet, unassertive girl came up to me one day in school and whisperingly told me she had noticed I had started using diapers. My first reaction was to deny such a thing, but then I got curious; what had made her ask?

“Well, you’ve started wearing sweat-pants every day. Of course you’ve done so in the past, but not this often. You always leave school when it’s time for lunch, and when you return, there’s a faint smell of baby powder around you. To top it off, I haven’t seen you use the schools toilet for couple of weeks, and you used to use it quite frequently before.

I don’t think anyone else have put two and two together the way I have, but you see; I wear diapers too, and have done so for quite a while. I obviously don’t know what made you start, but for me it was the fact I a couple of years ago became a bed-wetter. My parents soon forced me to use diapers at night, but I found I liked the feeling so much I stopped using the bath-room altogether and, with their blessing, started using them during the days too.

By the way, who’s changing your diapers; if you don’t mind me asking such a personal question? My parents take turn changing mine.” She looked at me with such a benevolent smile I just couldn’t tell a lie.

I told her why I had started, and that it was my dad who changed my diapers, as my mother died a couple of years ago. I also told her what he had gotten for me, and she got mighty impressed and envious.

“I know!” I said. “Why don’t you come home with me after school, so you can look at what I’ve got? I think, no I know, I’m going to need a diaper-change by then.”

“I probably will, too.” Gwen told me. “Do you think your dad will mind changing diapers on two girls, instead of just one?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “We just have to ask him; won’t we?”


So, that was I showed up at home with a surprise guest. At first, Daddy was a bit reluctant to admit his daughter used diapers, and being treated as a baby at home. When Gwen told him she already knew, and that her parents had put her in diapers too, he sighed and confirmed everything I had told her.

“Right,” I said as I got down on my hands and knees, “now that that’s been cleared, I really need you to change my diaper! And then I suppose it’s time for my nap?”

“Please, sir,” Gwen said, “would you mind changing mine too? I don’t know about Elli’s, but mine is pretty much soaked through. And then I need to call my parents and let them know where I am.”

“I can do that,” Daddy told her. “You see, in this house you don’t speak, if you are in diapers. You crawl around on your hands and knees, with me holding a leash, if you’re not in the play-pen.”

“Fair enough,” Gwen agreed. “It’ll be the first time I’m wearing a harness and leash.”

She got down on her hands and knees, and Daddy put leashes on us both. We crawled over to the changing-table, and he lifted first Gwen onto it and changed her diaper, then me. He also put a skirt on me, which showed my diapered bottom. He put dummies in our mouths, and we crawled over to my room, where I got into my crib. Unfortunately, there wasn’t room enough for both of us, so Daddy put a mattress on the floor for Gwen to take her nap on. As we were quite exhausted, we soon fell asleep.


When we woke up, Daddy was ready to take Gwen home. At the door he took off her dummy, harness and leash. He took me off my leash and put it in his pocket, but let me keep the dummy, harness, reins and skirt on. He buckled us both in and then we drove off.


Gwen’s parents got a bit perplexed when they saw me, but Daddy and Gwen explained the whole situation.

“I see,” Stig, Gwen’s father said. “Why haven’t we thought of that?  He looked at his wife. “We just change her lying on her bed, and then let her do whatever she wants.”

“I thought of doing that with Elli too, but then I thought she’d miss out on most of the fun, so I decided against it. That’s why I keep her on a leash, when she’s not in school.”

Stig stroked his quite impressive beard, black as a sack of coal, a couple of times before asking Daddy where he had purchased all my things. Daddy told him, and Stig said they’d do the same, right away.

We all waved” Good-bye” and Daddy and I went back home. From then on, I someone to share secrets with, and that felt good.

Gwen and I got closer and closer as the weeks went by. Due to me knowing her “secret” and she my, we developed kind of a “secret language”, so we could decide where to change our diapers, during lunch-break and/or after school without anyone knowing what we talked about.


One day, Daddy told me he had a present for me. I of course became quite ecstatic, and wanted to know what it was, but being at home and in “baby mode” I wasn’t allowed to speak.

“I can see in your face you’re dying to know what it is, but you just have to wait a little while longer. First, we are going on a trip out of town; you, me, Gwen and her parents.” He put the leash on me, and we walked to the car. I had to share the space in the back seat with rather a large package, and I tried to find a label or something, which could give me a hint as to what was inside, but all the labels had been removed or covered by a black marker-pen.


We stopped at a park, a few miles outside of town. Gwen and her parents were already there and they had a similar package to ours. Daddy told me to wait in the car while he and Stig assembled the contents. They did so behind the cars so neither Gwen nor I could see what they were doing. Eventually he came back, opened the door and lifted me out, but instead of letting me crawl around on the ground, he put me in a pram and Stig did the same with Gwen. It had a five-point harness which Daddy carefully clicked on. This meant our diapers were fully visible to everyone we met. As I of course had my hands trapped in the pouches, there was no way for me to undo any of the buckles, even if I had wanted to. I looked at Gwen and saw her eyes were glowing, and I just knew my must be too. This must be the ultimate way to get around if you are a baby, teenage or otherwise.


Daddy started pushing me and Stig and Margret followed him around a paved walkway around a little lake. There were some hills, but no serious ones; still they walked slowly, talking to people they met and each other about this and that, so we didn’t return to our cars until about two hours later.

Daddy lifted me inside the car, and I noticed I needed a fresh diaper and, as I was getting hungry, a bottle.

I started whining, and Daddy asked me what was wrong.

“I bet you need a new diaper, and maybe even a bottle?” he asked and I nodded, my eyes filled with tears. “OK, Stig and Margret invited us to their place. We can change your diaper there and give you a bottle. And then, it is high time for your nap, young lady!”


Over at Gwen’s house, we were placed back in our prams and wheeled inside. Daddy, who by now had plenty of experience, changed my diaper quite rapidly. “You really did need a fresh one!” he commented, before putting me back in the pram.

After Gwen had hers changed, we were wheeled into her room. She was put in her crib, and my pram was placed beside her. It was a bit uncomfortable sitting and sleeping, but I was so tired I didn’t care; I could have fallen asleep standing up, if I had been allowed.

While we were sleeping Daddy must’ve driven our car to our house and come back again. He commented on how nice the weather was, and said he preferred walking home; and so we did.

I felt more uneasy now, than I did earlier and sure enough; it wasn’t long before we met a boy I knew from school.

The sight of me, sitting strapped in a pram, wearing a fully visible diaper and with a dummy firmly stuck in my mouth of course made him stare, but only for a second or two.

The sight of him made me want to disappear, but of course that didn’t happen.

“Ah; Tommy,” Daddy said,” How are you?”

”I’m fine, Mr. Roberts, thank you for asking.”Tommy replied, as politely as only he could. “Why is Elli sitting strapped in a pram; if I may ask?” He looked at me again “And wearing a diaper?”

Daddy took a deep breath; “Well, son,” he began, “that’s a story I don’t, well we, don’t want to tell you right here, where there might be other people listening. You’d better come with us and I’ll tell you all about it, and show you some things, when we come home.”

So that was how Tommy got to know my secret. He accompanied us home, and looked at all the things Daddy had bought me. In fact, he stayed so long Daddy invited him to dinner!

Before we ate, Daddy changed my diaper as usual, but this time he had a spectator. It wasn’t the first time someone had looked on (Gwen of course had been the first) but he was the first boy who did, which made me a bit shy. At the table he fed me, and actually did it quite well. When Daddy asked him if he had done this before, he replied he had three younger sisters, and he had helped their mum change diapers on at least two of them, as well as feeding them.

“I see,” Daddy said. “In that case; would you mind sticking around a couple of hours? You could give her the bottle of gruel, which I normally give her just before she goes to bed.”

“Sure,” he beamed. “And I could come back tomorrow and help you take care of her if you want to? I could come just before you get her out of bed, and stay with her all day.”

“If you don’t mind, being here before seven?” Daddy asked. Tommy’s face got a bit pale, but he nevertheless said “Sure, Mr. Roberts; I’ll be here.”

The End

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