Harold & Harriet

  Off to one side of the world the sky had turned orange when we weren’t looking. I’d never seen the sunrise before. I heard about how beautiful they could be from Grandpa’s stories. To me it seemed just like a sunset except the land was waking up. Birds were singing everywhere but I could see only a few up in the purple sky. They didn’t look like birds I’d seen before; they were paper clips with paper wings and tails. The trail ahead was narrow with long dewy grass on each side. Mr. Arnold T. turned off the trail. I slowed down and looked where he was going. A path was there in the grass, I guess if you knew it was there you can find it. I followed him. My pants were getting wet with the dew.

“My pants are all wet now Mr. Arnold.” I said

“So are mine but this is the only way to the witch’s hut laddy. Soon we will be walking downhill and the sun will be up. It’ll get easier soon enough.”

The path led us through a thicket of tall trees and then the land fell away at an easy slope.

“Mr. Arnold, Mr. Arnold! Look!”  I gasped in a feathery voice.

I pointed just to the side of the trail close to the trees.  I saw two white and grey fuzzballs with slant eyes and floppy ears.

“What are they?” I asked.

Arnold stopped walking looked and said nothing, a strange look was on his face.

“Well, ain’t that a fine good morning! This is where I live, my home so I’ll ask the questions and what may I ask are you!” said the creature.

“I um, I’m …..Leo….I’m Leo and I’m a boy.” I stuttered.

He stared at me and then cocked his head.

“It just so happens that I have not ever seen a boy or a Leo ever before as I’ll assume you’ve not seen a dust bunny before, which I find odd as many dust bunnies live in this country. You Leo looks out of place here so where did you come from?” asked the dust bunny.

“He’s my third cousin on my mother’s side, an in-law if you will.” Said Arnold T. Snap.

“An in-law? Yeah sure. I hear that you have been fired from the guard.” said the dust bunny.

“Lots of rumors and few truths float around in the country gossip in these remote parts of the country. So what would you know about my situation Harold?”  Said Arnold T. Snap.

“That you were sleeping on the job.” replied Harold.

“The captain had me working a twenty-four hour shift, did you hear about that part I wonder?” said Mr. Arnold T. Snap.

Harold shook his head.

“No, I did not.” said Harold.

“Well it’s a beautiful morning and it’s off to a rotten start. So if I may try Leo, let’s be well met if it’s not too late for that. I am Harold and I am retired from the guard five years now. I had once worked with Arnold for a short while. This is my wife Harriet behind me.” said Harold.

 “G’day to ya fellas. Harold an I were just gitin a mornin fire on. Won’t ya stay awhile, have breakfast before movin on?” asked Harriet.

I looked at Mr. Arnold.

“Can we stay? I’m getting hungry.” I asked.

Arnold and Harold looked at each other, Arnold nodded his head

“We’d be well met then. Please stay.” said Harold.

Then he turned and went about getting the camp fire burning. Arnold collected firewood and I sat down on the ground.

The End

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