Away we go


“Yes laddybuck, a very good idea but where will we find this magic?  Myself, no I’ve never seen magic. Can’t say it’s anywhere we’d think to look. What does magic look like lady?” said Arnold.

I didn’t answer him right away; I didn’t really see the magic, only a magic spot in Daddy’s drawer. Now Mr. Arnold T. Snap and the old man were looking at me, waiting for an answer. Then I thought of Grandpa and I said.

“Your eyes are too old to see the magic but I would show you the magic when we find it.”

My heart started to swell in my chest and I got hot all over because I lied. Lying is bad and would get me sent to my room if Mom found out but I said it and now it’s too late. I thought they would see my lie, see right through me. But Mr. Arnold just nodded his head like my answer made total sense and everything was fine. My heart shrank back to normal size and I felt fine again. Then a thought strayed through my mind that my lie might be the truth after all but probably not I guess.

“So Sergant Snap when can we go?” I asked. Somehow my lie made me want to leave this place quickly.

“Right soon laddybuck, first though I have a question” his eyes went to the old man running the booth.

“Where then Sir should I lead the boy?”

“Well, I would start by going to the witch’s hut by the Glue River, but don’t let her see you or know you were there. She can’t be trusted. If there’s magic to find, might be that this is where it will be found.” said the old man.

“I heard of this place, thank you sir. You’ve been a great help” said Arnold.

“Well then laddybuck I think we can get going now. It’s a bit of a walk and a hike and I don’t know when we’ll get there, so I don’t wanna hear any whining about how much longer its goanna take. Well laddy, ya ready to go?”

“Yes” I said and nodded at the same time.


Arnold T. Snap started walking and I followed him. We left the beginning and the people there behind us. We headed back into the country. To me the magic wouldn’t be in a city. I can’t say why other than I think magic would be in the country. If I was magic then I would for sure be found in the country. The two just seemed to go together like birthday cake and ice cream. So on we went side by side.


The End

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