Lost Magic

The old man’s eyes narrowed and his forehead got all wrinkly just like grandpa when he’s trying to remember me a bedtime story and says

‘o’h how did it go Buddy, just you wait and I’ll find the magic.’

Grandpa always found the magic but he couldn’t show it to me when I wanted to see it. Grandpa said my eyes were too young to see the magic but he would share the magic he found by telling me his story. His stories were so good I knew there was magic. So I guess the old man with the strange beard couldn’t find the magic.

I said to the man “don’t worry I’m sure you’ll find your magic, I saw it just today in my Daddy’s drawer”.

At this the old man gasped, like I did something bad.

“You saw the magic!” he sputtered out.

I looked away from him; my eyes fell to the ground. I felt scared.

“Yes” I said

“Well did you catch it?” asked the old man.

‘I didn’t know you could catch magic” I said.

The old man came around from the back of his booth and kneeled down in front of me.

“Nobody has found any magic for years” whispered the old man.

He smiled, little wrinkles collecting at the corners of his eyes.

“That is what you must do next, find the magic. But magic is very special, so some folks may try to take it away from you. Mr. Snap is a good soul you can trust him if he can trust you.”

 I nodded my head.

“Yes sir” I said.

“So we should go find the magic then.” I said.

“See Mr. Arnold T. Snap sir it was a good idea to start at the beginning after all.”

The End

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