Starting From The Beginning

"So what do you suppose we do then, laddybuck?" Sergeant Snap snapped, impatiently.

"Well, Daddy used to always tell me...that if I ever got stuck somewhere, to start over at the beginning." I said, shrugging.

"I suppose you're right...Well, The Beginning is this way. Follow me!" Sergeant Snap declared, heading off in the general direction of The Beginning.

I looked toward the direction in which he was heading. I saw what looked like a huge sign with bright pink, neon, flashing letters. "I think I see it off in the distance," I said, following after him.

"Yeah, that's the entrance sign. It's quite overdone, if you ask me. I've never thought of The Beginning as that big of a deal." Arnold T. Snap admitted. 

I shook my head in disagreement. Arnold T. Snap was certainly quite the silly one! "Well, when you think about it, Sir Snap, The Beginning is where it all starts, which makes it a very big deal."

"It's Sergeant Snap! How many times do I have to tell you, laddybuck! And, anyway, how could it be a 'very big deal' if it's only The Beginning and not much has happened yet?"

"Oh, I don't know, I'm too young for these big-kid talks," I complained, "Are we at The Beginning yet?"

"Yes, we've arrived. Welcome to The Beginning, laddybuck."

It was a rather populated area. It seemed to be a whole Kingdom full of people looking for things, crawling around, stressing out, and complaining. A few people seemed content and motivated--these people either ran booths on the Market Square, or were purchasing items in order to prepare to leave The Beginning and venture off to other realms. I walked up to a booth in the massive Market Square. There was a big sign on the booth, and I asked the Sergeant what it said. He sighed and read, "You've reached The Beginning, now what? Ask me for answers!" It seemed like the perfect booth to start our adventure from!

"Hello," I said to the odd looking man working the booth. He had a long purple beard that faded to pink as it touched his waist. His eyes bulged out, he looked tired, but at the same time prepared to go a week without sleep. His face looked young, but I could tell he was stressing over the large crowds of people and the bustling city.

"What is it, kiddy? What'll it be, eh?"

"I would very much like to know what to do next, mister, now that we've reached The Beginning and all," I stated. Sergeant Snap nodded in agreement at my side, and said, "I would like to know what to do next also."

"I would very much like to know certain things as well, but no one's going to get anywhere by simply saying they'd like to know certain things," said the man behind the booth.

"Well...we really would like to know though...Your booth even says that you know!" I said, angrily stomping a foot.

"Why don't you read my sign and try again, eh? Too bad you can't read, hm?" the strange man stated.

I stuck my tongue out at the man, and once again, I had Sergeant Snap read me the sign: "You've reached The Beginning, now what? Ask me for answers!"

"All right. I understand the sign...But I asked you for answers and you didn't give me any!" I complained.

"That's exactly where you're wrong, kid-o. You haven't asked me a single thing."

Suddenly it made sense to me. I needed to actually ask him, not tell him I'd like to have some knowledge. I needed to ask him to give me knowledge!

"Could you please tell me the answers, sir?" I asked.

He nodded.

The End

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