Arnold T. Snap

One time, Mommy took me with her to the supermarket and I got lost and was all alone. It was kind of scary and kind of fun and Mommy found me and she was crying and it felt scary again.

It was kind of like that now.

The moon shone brightly in the star-speckled sky above and the dirt path seemed to stretch off into the horizon towards a cluster of twinkling lights, like a huge castle in the distance with all of the lights turned on. Behind, the path led away to a dark, scary looking forest. I was kind of scared but kind of excited too.

"Oi, oi, laddybuck! We've got to be seein' the Minister!"

There was a prod at my back and so I turned around and saw the mouse trap, but it wasn't just a mouse trap any more. The mouse trap was a large mouse, walking on it's hind legs like a person but he had mousetraps for hands and spoke with mouse trap mouth. It was kind of like he was just the skin of a mouse wrapped around a collection of mouse traps, a big mousey sack of mouse traps. That made me laugh, so I giggled. The mousey mouse trap man wrinkled it's nose and stood there in his black pantaloons, his hands on his hips next to a small leather holster that contained a small black book.

"None of you're lip laddo, you're in serious trouble or my name ain't Arnold T. Snap. What's so funny anyway?"

"You're a mouse made of mouse traps!"

"Right, you're not doing yourself any favours! That ones going in the book!"

Arnold pulled the book from it's holster like a gun, spinning it around like a fancy gunslinger and than pulled out a pencil from a hoster on the opposite side.

"Right then, insultin' an officer and incitin' racism. Boy, when the Minister sees this he'll send you to the sock mines of Underbed for a year and good riddance!" Arnold muttered, writing awkwardly into the book.

"Don't send me to the sock mines Mister Arnold T. Snap! I didn't mean it, it's just that I never saw a mouse quite like you."

Arnold raised an eyebrow and tapped his pencil against the rim of the book.

"Umm, it's just that your mousetraps are very shiny."

Arnold puffed up his chest and grinned. "Yes, they are rather shiny aren't they?"

"And fast! They pinched my fingers real hard and made them red, see!" I said, waving my finger at him.

"Fastest snappers in all the Drawer, that's what me Mam always told me. All right lad, I'll let you off this time with a warnin' but no more smart talk, right?" Arnold winked, rubbing out the entry in his book with the eraser at the end of his pencil.

"Yay! Thank you Mr. Arnold T. Snap, sir!"

"Well, we best be off if we're going to be getting you to the Minister." Arnold said, gesturing forwards with a trap/paw, "And it's Sergant Snap, laddybuck. It's only Mister when I'm off duty."

I opened my mouth to speak, but the look on his face was like the one Daddy got when my brother did something naughty and so I just looked down at my feet and walked on down the path towards the sparkling lights on the horizon. I hoped I wasn't in too much trouble.

The End

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