Daddy's Drawer

          It was daddy’s drawer, the one next to the dish washer. It’s where all things lost in this household seemed to end up and items that are meant to be there are never found again. The drawer held many oddities of wonder for small eyes to explore, but children were forbidden to open it. Daddy guarded it well; he said there were mouse traps inside. I saw him put them in once, nobody wanted one of those biting down on their fingers. Daddy said when it gets you it wont let go either, it might even bite a finger right off. So nobody ever opened it, except for Mommy. She said the mouse traps were hungry for little fingers, so she had nothing to fear but warned us to stay out.

          It seemed any items with the misfortune to be placed in the drawer fell from existence in this world and were doomed to clutter the land of Daddy’s drawer forever. Daddy searched the drawer many times, rummaging through it with out success only to give up another small treasure to the hidden realm inside. Though, as Daddy hunted through it some items would be found that were long lost and since replaced and some things were found that had never been seen before by Daddy. He would ask Mommy if she knew how these mysterious items found there way into his drawer. She’d shake her head and shrug her shoulders then they would both look at me. In their eyes I could see them wondering if I put these things in the drawer, they didn’t ask. It could have been my brother; he was two years older than me. My parents must have deemed him more likely to blame than myself. When they’d ask him he’d always say

“Wasn’t me. I didn’t do it.”

That was his answer to most of their questions when they were looking for someone to blame. Sometimes he’d say

“Leo did it.”

That’s me but I was only three years old and still couldn’t speak, at least that’s what my parents said. I spoke all the time; they just didn’t understand any of the things I said. Once they asked me if I put anything in the drawer, of course I didn’t, I was afraid of the mouse traps inside. That’s what I told them but the only thing they heard was “mouse trap”. I know this because they repeated that phrase after I said it. If nobody put these strange items in the drawer where did they come from? It must have been a strange place inside the drawer, I say strange because the items that came from the drawer were like nothing I’ve seen before.

          One time Daddy found a hat, it was yellow and blue with a propeller spinning on top. It fit me perfect, so he gave it to me. Another time it was a yoyo, it was red and black with a sparkling string. It made a strange whirring sound as it spun up and down the line. There was a ring, it was silver with a crest engraved on the top and scroll marks down the shoulders. Daddy always gave them to me. It seemed they were meant to be mine even though it couldn’t be explained were they came from.

          One day, after lunch, Daddy was at work, mommy was ironing cloths in the basement and Steven was at school, I decided to look in daddy’s drawer to see where all things came from. I pulled a chair over from the kitchen table. Deep down in the pit of my tummy I had a feeling the drawer may have been magic or something magical may have been inside it, I wanted to find out. When the chair was placed next to the drawer I climbed up and slowly opened it. Just a crack at first, I wanted to make sure it was safe, nothing happened. I pulled it out a little further, there really was mouse traps two of them, nothing magic caught my eye so I opened it further. As long as my hands stayed out of the drawer, the mouse traps wouldn’t get me but still I watched with an untrusting feeling growing in my chest. The drawer opened wider till it stopped at the end. It was full of Daddy’s junk. There were magazines, screw drivers and rusty screws , a watch, valve cap from a tire, some pennies, pens and short pencils, note pads(one had numbers scribbled across it), batteries of different shapes and colours, some things I’d never seen before and of course the mouse traps guarding the drawer from little fingers. I couldn’t see anything that looked like it would be magic but I didn’t know what magic things looked like, I just thought I’d know it when I saw it, maybe not I guess. Of course I couldn’t see everything in the drawer, it was very cluttered. There was a spoon on the counter that I picked up. I thought if I moved things around in the drawer with the spoon I’d be safe from the mousetraps and before I knew it that’s just what I did. It was the magazines and papers that I moved, I needed to know what was under them, and it was the only place I couldn’t see. That’s where I found the magic, a place at the back of the drawer. There was no bottom here, well that’s not really true my eyes saw the bottom of the drawer but the spoon passed right through. All the junk laying in the drawer sat solid on the bottom. Only the spoon passed through freely. I let it go; it fell from sight without any sound. So naturally I touched the bottom with my fingers. There was nothing to touch; they passed right through just like the spoon.

           That’s when everything seemed to happen. Mommy was coming up the stairs, she was calling my name. My attention was distracted for only a moment, long enough for the mouse trap to get me. It hurt more than I thought it ever could. I looked at my hand, my fingers were turning red. An odd thing happened just then, the other mousetrap started to speak. It seemed to grow flesh and hair when I wasn’t looking, but it still looked like a mouse trap.

It said “you have trespassed in the realm of the drawer. You are under arrest. We will take you to the captain.”

That’s when I fell, not on the floor, into the drawer and the dark took me.

          I fell through darkness thick with arid dust; my nose was flooded with the smell of old plywood and rubber bands but slowly this all changed. The air became cooler and fresh, a smell like grass clippings just mowed from green summer grass. The moon shone bright in the evening sky and I now stood on a dirt path, dew drops kissing my toes.

The End

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