Dad just killed the dog


Yes, Dear?


What is it, sweetheart?

Well, Dad just killed the dog and I thought that you should know.

Killed the dog? What do you mean, killed the dog?

Well, he kept on saying.....that damn dog, I'll kill it one of these days, and now he's gone and done it. Just saw him, he took it to the car under Nan's blanket, that one you got her in Minehead last summer, and then he drove off like he was late for something....

Are you sure Dear? It just doesn't sound like the sort of something that your Dad would do, I mean, not just like that, Dear. Go and check upstairs, then look in the know how she likes to hide in the shed...

No, really, Mum. Dad just killed the dog...I know he did. There was a funny noise, then off he went to the know, Mum, with Nan's blanket, like I said.

What sort of funny noise, Dear?

Well, Mum, a sort of squeal and a sort of snort and then nothing. Just him with Nan's blanket all bunched up strange and off to the car with it...

I don't know, Dear. Just doesn't sound like dog-killing noises to me.

Seriously, Mum. Seriously.

Dad just killed the dog.

The End

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