Just me and coachMature

Bad kids with rich parents get sent to this military school. oh and of course the end of the world starts. What are they going to do?

     " No No No turn the cart that way. They are coming closer hurry. No stupid kid." The coach yelled at me. CRASH!!!! The golf cart I was attempting to drive hit the side of a wall of the building. I looked at the coach but I didn't say anything. He just looked scared and annoyed that I crashed the cart. He jumped off and ran into the gym which I just crashed into. I followed him inside the big doors as fast as I could.

      Once we got inside, I glanced around, and I didn't see anyone which was good. Coach slammed the big gym door closed and yelled at me to go find something to keep it closed. As I turned I heard banging against the door. "Hurry" He yelled. I looked around the gym floor but didn't see much. I ran down a hallway to the side of the gym. It is where the coaches offices are and in the hall I saw some crates and a crowbar. Perfect I said. But as I leaned over to pick up the crowbar from behind me I heard shuffling feet and a moan. A shaking hand grabbed my padded shoulder. I could hardly feel it but if I didn't do something soon I knew what it would mean.

   Crack! Thud! I grabbed the crowbar and swung around as fast as I could and hit a nurse in side of her head. She staggered backwards and almost fell over, but didn't and just kept coming towards me. She wasn't the nurse I remembered. She was pale. Her eyes were blacked and she was rotting. She was dead and all she wanted was flesh. My flesh. 

   I took the crowbar and hit her in the head again and again with all my strength until her brains were nothing more then mush. Then I ran back to the gym. Not even caring at all what I just did. Coach was still holding the door but just barely the banging was getting louder and stronger. He took the crowbar from me and together we bent it around the doors as best we could.

   " That is not going to last long. Come on I know what we should do." Coach told me. We walked back down the hallway past the offices. I knew past the offices was the infirmary. We walked into the infirmary and coach walked right to the back of it. In the back of the infirmary there is an office of medicine and medical supplies but it looked mostly picked apart.Coach told me to help him with the crates.  We quickly grabbed all of the crates from the hall and some other things and boarded ourselves up in the small office room. 

  Once we were secured in the office. The coach found some bandages and started winding up a small cut on his leg that I hadn't noticed before. But I wasn't focused on that. Through the office window I saw 4 people walking towards our room. They were in the infirmary Not dead persons, previous students like me, living, They didn't look friendly in the least. They were headed our way.

The End

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