I Have To Get To Camp!

I woke up to a bright, beaming sun. I felt nervous, I only had one week left 'till camp, and so far I'd beaten off three hell hounds whilst on a camping trip and five six armed Gegeneis. It wouldn't be right if I didn't get attacked.

I smelt pancakes downstairs and my body moved automatically towards it.

My mom stood over a frying pan, staring directly ahead, eyes closed. She flipped a pancake and slipped it neatly onto a plate of them stacked high with homemade sauce drizzling down the sides.

She went to grab the plate but knocked it off the counter sending food and china all over the floor.

She hissed in frustration and sat on a chair, her head in her hands.

"Mum, it's ok," I whispered, cleaning up the mess.

"I'm so stupid," she moaned.

"No! no you're not stupid, it's him, he did this to you," I spat.

"No, oh no you mustn't blame him," she urged, she couldn't see my anguish.

"If he was here I probably wouldn't, but he left you there. I'd punch his lights out!"

She smiled and opened her eyes, "you're so sweet, what I wouldn't give to look on your face," she laughed ironically, "can you believe it, I don't know what my own son looks like," I rushed to her side.

"Don't open your eyes mum you know it hurts," she looked blearily into my face.

"I remember that night, when he came to me in a shower of light, I never saw him, yet I did, it was like I saw everything but nothing, after that I saw nothing ever again-"

"Mum shut your eyes, by the Gods," I cried ignoring her.

"My sweet little Cyrus, your father is by no means the bad guy, you know how it is for you Demi-Gods, but don't blame him, you don't understand."

"Ok mum," I finished cleaning up and got dressed for school.

I was on the bus headed to school when the driver suddenly swerved and drove straight between a building and a lamp post.

I looked around, my hand gripping my ruler, but there was nothing there.

A passenger went to him to see what was wrong but the driver just shrugged it off mumbling "tired" and "thought I saw something" which in my world probably meant he did.

I kept my hand on the ruler all the time until the bus stopped outside school and a familiar face stared serenely at me through the window.

"Hey Lisa," I mouthed as I slung my bag over my shoulder, walking off the bus.

"Have you grown?" she wondered. I was a whole head taller than her, my hair and eyes shining gold like fire.

I felt warm and safe next to Lisa, like we were connected in some weird way, "don't be stupid," I laughed, "you think I've grown in a weekend?" she looked stung at my remark but shrugged it off and linked arms with me.

For some reason she was a lot quieter with me, blushed when I looked at her and was always close to me, more so than usual. I had little time to notice however because I kept seeing weird things, like shadows flitting everywhere, people being more violent, more people going home sick and people were gloomier. It all seemed very foreboding.

At the end of the day I was faced with two problems. Lisa refused to talk to me for apparently no reason, oh and there was a great, dirty chimaera standing in front of me in the otherwise empty playground.

I gulped.

Immediately I whipped out my ruler, engraved with the word Pyrokymia, firestorm and said the name running my hand down it side. It elongated into a large gold and celestial bronze bow.

The Chimaera spat a ball of fire at me. It hit me and singed my clothes but that was it.

I pulled back the string as it charged angrily and a flaming arrow appeared where the regular arrow would be. I let it go and the arrow struck the demons snout. His head roared defiantly, the back hooves clip clopping as the snake-tail hissed. The claw came down. I rolled aside as the snake came down to bite me. The sun glared and blinded it for a moment.

Taking advantage of this I got clear, pinging several arrows at it as I ran from the grounds.

The Chimaera was in hot pursuit. I prayed to my father, something I had never done before. Nothing happened.

When I turned to face the crazed  monster I prayed to Apollo and pointed my bow. I shot, a flaming arc that pierced the eye. The monster roared in agony and erupted in a plume of dust.

I fell to the floor, sitting down and breathing deeply.

I was about to head home when a flock of Stymphalian Birds appeared. I had to get to camp.

The End

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