growing together

      "Addy! Addy! where are you?"

       "I'm not telling. That's the whole point of hide and seek! You have to look!" Called Adelaide from some far regions of Lyla's over large house.

      "I'm tired of looking, where are you?" Whined Lyla.

      "Follow my voice silly" She called, sounding like she was upstairs.

      Lyla traipsed up the carpeted stairs following Adelaide's high voice, which made her think of silver bells and warm sand. She got to the first landing and heard Addy's voice from down the hall... the store closet? no too small, even for her. No, she must bee in Lyla's own room. She snuck down the hall careful not to let on that she had discovered her. slowly she pushed the door open and surveyed her room. It still had the teddy-bear stencils her parents had hired someone to do when she was an infant. And the boxes of toys from a little later. Most recently she had stuck up posters from bands Addy had introduced her to, the Beatles, the Kinks, Addy was jealous of the posters because, she said, she knew the bands first, she was the real fan. Her eyes slid, looking for some indication of her friend, she saw a twitch of something on the floor and noticed a bit of a polka dot socked foot poking out from under her bed. As lightly as she could, she crept over to her bed, eased herself onto it, and popped her head down crying, "boo".

       "Aack!" squealed Adelaide grabbing her by the ears and pulling her onto the floor. She landed with a thud, and with a groan rolled so she was under the bed with her.

     "Addy. We're starting grade seven in two weeks. Are we too old for this?"

     "Don't be stupid Ly. Maybe to some people we are. But. We'll never be too old for each other. Right? I mean. That's the beauty of growing up with someone. We are our young selves together, and our current selves, and our future selves? We never have to pretend around each other. right?" Addy rolled onto her side and peered at Lyla through the darkness under the bed.

    "That's deep man" smiled Lyla, pleased.

     Addy swatted her on the head and said, "okay it's your turn, I'll start counting. 1... 2... 3..." she peered through her fingers, "why are you still here? go hide stupid."


The End

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