What are you?Mature

Ambros walks me along the bridge that stretches over the large  pond in the back yard of my family's castle. I gaze out over the yard, watching how the crescent  moon reflected on the smooth surface of the water and the white roses seem to glow. I look up into his soft brown eyes.

"So.. What are you?" He smiles, looking amused.

"I am an elf, liebe. And I am fifty years old." Taken aback, I stare at his face that looks barely older that eighteen.

"I'm still not used to the supernatural." Ambros chuckles.

"You are but a child to this world. I would expect no less, without your Maker." I groan. My Maker was injured when he made me. Took the last of his strength. One hell of a thing to do, if you ask me. I had no supervision or aid. 

"Yeah, yeah.." I look away, a little bemused. "My parents will wonder where I am, we should head back." Ambros nods once as we turn around and walk back towards the castle.

The End

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