Cuz I can :)Mature

Kathleen M'Guire
Ambros Carloman

     The gentle music that flows from the elegant instruments, the warm hand, holding mine, the candle light and all of our famillies all together in the giant ballroom of my parent's castle makes me feel comfortable and like I belong. I smile at the tall, blond gentleman who my parents chose as my escourt. A German man. He is shy and quiet, very handsome and respectful. His soft, brown eyes shine when he looks at me.

     "Kathleen," I look away from my parents and back to him. "Are you happy?" I stare at him for a moment.

     "Umm, yes. Why? Are you not?" He shakes his head.

     "No, I am. You just look.... distracted." I look away for a moment, I am distracted. He is so beautiful.

     "Sorry, Ambros, I didn't notice. Note the distracted, I guess." He smiles and squeeze my hand softly.

     "It's okay. I forgive you." His hand on my waist shifts a little towards my back, pulling me subtly closer. The deep, emerald-and-black dress seems to glow against my pale, Irish skin. It also hinders my breathing. The expensive dress has a tight, strapless corset, that enhances my chest, and a large, floor-length skirt that poofs out at the back. Ambros smiles and kisses my cheek softly.  "You're beautiful."

"Thank you." I look  up at his face, a foot and a half above mine.   I cock my head to the side and grin. Ambros' spins me out, then kisses my hand.

"Pleasure is all mine, liebe" His think German accent makes my proverbial heart flutter. Ambros leans in close to my ear and whispers, "Miss Vampir, when did you turn? You are young." My eyes grow subtly wider, however he picked it up, and grinned slyly. I knew he was not human, but how supernatural he is, I knew not.

"You would be right, Ambros, I am young. Three years. My family has yet to notice, fortunately. They have been trying to get me to wed since before my turn. I was 15." I look away from his alluring eyes.

The End

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