chapter 2Mature

the tv show had finished ten minutes ago, and the lights were all turned off. Throwing the night's last beer in the rubbish bin, turned to the bedroom.

Sitting in the too small armchair his wife had loved, he stared at her spot in the bed, too scared to imagine the idea she would never sleep there again. She had threatened to leave a hundred times before, but he never thought she meant it. The other night had set it all off. In a half drunken rage, he had hit the girl again and again, trying to shut her up for once. Katrina had shoved him off her, in an instant, he was on top of her instead, smashing her beautiful face into the lino floor. Before he realised what he was doing, he had already done the damage, half conscious, she had ran out of the house and he hadn't seen her since.

Just the memory brought a tear to his eye, blinking it away, he got up to go to sleep.
Once in the bed, he felt the hole left by Katrina's absence. Unable to sleep, he stared at her pillows until light filled the room through the windows. Another sleepless night and he still felt no more tired than before.

Getting up, he pulled on his vest and jeans, grabbed the keys to his bike and went to the garage. 'there is no way i will let Meghan leave me as well' he thought. Turning around, he found her on her blanket playing with her toy doll. Picking her up, he put the child on the back of his bike saying "hold on tight to daddy ok?" And off he drove.

The End

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