chapter 1Mature

abusive biker has daughter, wife runs away to brother and tries to get daughter back...

Blood flew as bullets hit home. A bike engine roared to life, drowning out the screams of dying men. 

"SHUTUP!" Matthew screamed at the little girl sobbing into her blanket on the floor. "i'm trying to watch the tele!" he told her. When she didn't stop, he picked up the wooden spoon he kept on his table. "stop crying girl! it was only a small whack, next time will be worse!"
When she heard that, she tried her best to stop sobbing, it was quiet time, whenever he was home, she was not allowed to speak. 'unless you have some more money for me, i dont want to know' he would say, and then he would get the spoon. 

                                                                            *  *  *

Katrina sat on her bed holding her head, still swollen from the last punch from Matthew. That was the last time she had seen him, four days ago. She had left the house with naught but the clothes on her back. She had found herself on her brother's doorstep, afraid of the reception she would receive after their falling out fifteen years ago, when she had first gone off to be with Matthew. But he was a cop once, so he had to help her, right?

Ever since that night, she had regretted her decision to come here, he would not give up on his idea to get Meghan away from him and him into jail for being abusive and a biker. Katrina just wanted her daughter back in her arms ... in safety.

The End

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