The OneMature

"Neokou, how long I have waited for you." "No, Krystal how long I had longed for you my dear." "What Neokou? I don't understand." "Oh I think you do. Or you will do in time dear." "Neokou do you stand before me?" Silence now. "Krystal, we-" "Neokou come towards me and hold me like you once did," "no Krystal-" "Neoukou-" "KRYSTAL!" "Yes Neokou?" "Don't be taken over by my creature like form please!" "What?" "I am no longer my usual self Krystal, please understand and take notice of the words I speak." "Yes my Neokou, you know I will always take notice of everthing you speak." "Krystal, I am not present in the room you stand." "Well then how can I hear and smell you?" "I-I'm afraid I cannot tell you dear." "Neokou! What's going on? Please tell me." "Krystal although I long to inform you of these changes I cannot, please understand. I cannot aford to see you or smell." "Neokou I-" "If I see you or smell you nearby I-I cannot control myself." "Neokou what do you mean? You must be in the room because I can hear you." "Krystal, I'm afraid I cannot make you understand dear. Farewell." "No please Neoukou don't go please! I need you!"

The End

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