Cursed WallsMature

These walls are closing and my mind is in a million and one different places right now. My life is probably the most unwanted in the world and my own relatives don't even want to know! What the hell did I do to deserve this?! I need an answer! From someone! How could this have happened? "Please," I whimpered. "Please someone!" I tried to calm down but I can't anymore. I need  help quick, "I just can't cope on my own." "Calm down!" I stiffened, what the hell or who the hell was that? There's nobody else in the room..."Hello." I whispered (I didn't want to shout, I'm terrified.) "Yes, you heard me." "Then if you heard me you know who I am." What is it going on about? "No, no I'm afraid I don't." I could hear footsteps coming towards me. How the hell can this be?! There's nobody else in the friggin' room. "Oh...I'm surprised...Really? You don't even recognise my voice?" This voice seems angry at me for some reason but why? I don't know the answer. Why does it think that I should recognise it's voice? I can't even tell if it's male or female! "Who is this and where do you stand?" I was hoping for a response but know joy. "Hello?" There again, footsteps coming closer and closer. I stepped back and they stopped. "Are you scared?" What kind of question is this?! Of course I'm scared; I'm in small dark room on my own in which nobody elses is presence lingers and there's this weird voice from out of knowhere conversating with me and- "So you're scared then. Don't be. You know me...Think." How dare it interupt my thoughts and how the hell did it know that I was scared?! "I don't know who you are but you must have got the wrong person! Please just leave me in peace!" "Why? So you can sit in the darkness forever Krystal?" Ok now I was really freaked. This person knew my name. "H-h-how did you know my name?" "Krystal, do not pretend you don't know my voice!" "I'm not pretendin-" I paused and thought for a second..."Neokou?" "Ahh, now you have it. Don't be scared little one, I come to do you no harm. You know that..."

The End

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