And So it beginsMature

Hi my name is Jacey Wolff, to describe my appearance well, I have purple eyes, black hair and I'm fifty-eight inches tall. I bet you're wondering about my age. Well I'm thirty going on thirty-one in a few months. Now let me tell you my tale of when I was younger. I was once a normal sixteen year old who went to a normal school in a normal town. Until just recently that is.

I got a letter not a normal one either. It was strange, it had no address or the name of the sender, hell the envelope was black red and blue. I proceeded to open it and pulled out its contents. The letter reads,

' Congratulations! Jacey Wolff you have been accepted into the unit R.F.S. We would be honored to have you as one of us. You would do your family proud. You would be fed 3 warm meals a day. You will also get paid for your services and all types of health care. We would also pay you to do vigorous tests and we will decide where to put you based on your skill.'

"Huh, I never sent anything to this 'R.F.S' but it sound's interesting. Maybe I could give it a shot." I walked to my small bedroom and flopped stomach first onto the bed. "Ugh, this is going to be hell. I swear, I will make my parents proud." I said while picking up a picture of me as a kid with two adults on each side. 'They were my parents. Sad that they did though.' I thought bitterly. Setting the family picture down I rolled over onto my back and stared at the ceiling.

Tears started streaming down my face as I started thinking about my parents. What would they think if I joined this group. "Might as well try to see what this R.F.S." Getting up from my bed I walked over to the dresser and pulled out something that looked like gloves, it was the standard H.P.G 3000. "Okay haven't used this in a long time...hope it works." Clapping my hands together and then held them in front of me a big see-through screen came up in-front of me, I then went onto the internet to search for R.F.S and pictures of these strange giant humanoid machine's came up.

"Cool! I think this would be a good place for me then!" I exclaimed while jumping in joy. Closing the screen I started packing up everything I might need, From clothes to supplies to maintain good hygiene. Took me a few hours before I finished packing up. "Now.... how does one get a hold of this group?" Just as those words left my mouth, I heard a knock at the door.

I went to go see who was at it, when I opened it I saw two people who wore the uniforms on the picture. One was a girl, she had blue hair put into a bun, the other person was a guy, he had short brunette hair. The girl gazed into my eyes and said in what sounded like a Scottish accent , "Hello Wolff, we came to see if you accepted our offer or not." I blushed a little before answering with, "Yeah, I'll go,"I smiled before continuing,"but can I go visit my parent's grave.... please?"

The two soldiers looked at each other and nodded before the guy spoke in a gruff voice, " Yeah kid, go ahead we'll wait." I thanked them before rushing off to my destination. I stopped then looked back and noticed that they wasn't there any more. Shrugging I continued to walk to the cemetery. Once I got there I walked around and noticed my parents' tombstones.

Running my fingers over the names I thought, ' for not going to college...forgive me." Finishing my thoughts I left. Walking out of the cemetery I noticed they was waiting for me with a giant mechanical shark behind them. They smiled before we entered the giant metallic fish. The two people that came to pick me up laughed at my bewildered expression.

"Wow...this...this is huge!" My eyes widened at how many computers, chairs, pipes that hold wires was on this ship. I heard footsteps but I was too mesmerized by this high-tech creature. "This is one of our many carrier ships kid."Turning around I saw the blue-headed goddess and I felt my face heat up. I practically yelled, "There's more?!" She laughed then put her hand on my shoulder before saying, "Yeah."

'I'm so going to like it here.' She showed me around the ship, in all honesty, the only thing worth looking at in this hell hole...was her. Smiling a little as I looked at her and said, "Is there anywhere I can sleep? I'm kinda tired." She showed me to the room I was going to sleep in until we got there, it had everything a small bedroom contains; except the television.

As I made my way to the bed I heard her say, "Be ready in a few hours we'll be meeting in the mess hall for chow time." Nodding my head signaling I heard her. She walked out and the door shut softly, leaving me to my thoughts.

'I really need to figure out if I want to be a mechanic or a pilot.' While I was doing my thinking a bell went off signaling it was time to eat.

Making my way to the cafeteria, it took me a good five minutes to get there. When I got there I got in the line, it took me a good thirty minutes to get my food and sit down. I was the only one at the table and I picked at my food, which consisted of ; meatloaf, sushi and a can of ginger ale. I sat there in silence until I heard the voice, "Hey mind if I join you?" Looking up I saw the the blue headed beauty.

Smiling slightly I nodded. Her angelic voice sent a pleasureful chill down my spine. She said, "I never got to introduce myself earlier, my name is Tara." Looking down sporting a small blush, I finished my food and made my way to my room bidding her good night. Walking to my room I sat on my bed and put on my virtual reality glasses. The world loaded and I smile noticing me being in a kid's body.

I went to the mirror and seen a younger version of me. I smiled then I heard a familiar voice call out, " Son! Come down and eat!" Sitting down I looked at my breakfast, it consisted of; three waffles, two pork buns, seven strips of bacon, and to drink I had orange juice. Smiling I gave my mom a quick thank you before starting to eat. Deciding to save my pork buns for later I left the table; giving my mom a hug and ran out the door grabbing my backpack and putting it on.

I also grabbed my pork filled buns and started eating one while waiting for the school bus. Taking off my glasses I sat up with tears streaming down my face. 'I miss you mom and the pork buns.' Looking down I sighed, hearing a knock on the door, I told the person to enter. Quickly drying my eyes, as I watched the door open to reveal a lady with amber hair and she was wearing a grease covered mechanic's suit.

I look down hiding a blush. I managed to stutter out, " W-what are you doing here?" She smiled and answered with, "Can't I visit who I might work with?" Looking up I got a good look at her I saw her cerulean eyes and her wavy auburn hair. I scooted over and gestured for her to sit next to me. She made her way to me with a small smile on her pale grease covered face.

She laughed a little at my still red face. Scooting over a little, she sat down next to me with that angelic smile still on her face. Looking at me she asked me "What are you trying to be?" I thought for a moment before answering, "A fighter." She looked at me then at the door. "Why do we have to fight, you know? I mean yeah, we're protecting the people but it's just pointless, fighting over a simple little mistake, like forgetting our old allies birthday."

Looking at her in disbelief at what she said I replied although hesitantly, "Is that why we're at war?" She nodded as I smacked my face with the palm of my hand. She looked at me and laughed a little, she then moved my hand away from my face. "What? What was funny?" I almost yelled. She shook her head saying, "Nothing, nothing." She spared me one last glance before leaving the room but not before telling me to get some sleep since we're almost at the headquarters.

Laying in my bed staring at the ceiling, and sighed as the lights turned off. I then turned on my side before drifting off to sleep. My dream started off with me walking through a museum with a kid that looked sixteen or seventeen. He asked me, "Victor, why are we in this museum again?" I thought about it for a few minutes before answering him, "Well, Isaac, we're doing research for our school project. Sometimes I wonder if I'm the smart one."

We shared a small laugh before doing research on our project, blissfully unaware of what danger lies ahead. In a dark room a man was looking at the security cameras watching the two leave after they completed their task. On their way home they saw a kid under a tree, curled up in a ball crying, so they decided to go cheer the stranger up. As they walked up to the person, the friendly brainy kid asked, "Why so down?" The kid looked up and the two boys as they noticed the person was a girl.

She answered the question with, "Nobody wants to be my friend because of how confusing I can be." The two boys looked at each other and nodded. I happily said "Well, I'm Victor and the one carrying the poster is Isaac. We could be your friends, if you want that is." The girl looked at them with a shocked look on her face and spoke, "The names Hannah, and yeah let's be friends"

The three of us talked about our hobbies, what we liked, and what we disliked until the sun started to set. We went to our separate homes after agreeing to meet at that tree tomorrow, after we get out of school. The world around me started to fade to black signalling I was about to wake up. Slowly opening my eyes then closed them again because of how bright the lights are. A voice that I am familiar with spoke over the ships intercom, "We are reaching HQ."

Getting my stuff together, I made my way out of my temporary room with my pack, to see people going in one direction. I didn't know where to go so I followed the people.
All eighty of us ended up meeting at a large door which then opened with a hiss. When the door opened there was two guys standing next to each other. One was a giant of a guy, I'm estimating about one-hundred and eight inches tall, and the other was a lot shorter than him maybe ninety nine inches tall, give or take three centimeters.The taller one had scars all across his arms and one blind eye while the other was a light brown, his hair was grey signifying him being in his late fifties, it was in a ponytail.

The shorter male had bright yellow hair and golden eyes and he sported a scar across both his cheeks and another running down the bridge of his nose. The half blind man stepped forward before yelling out gruffly, "All right brats my name is Baiz ! My friend here is Duke and we will be training you! I am the trainer for the mechanics and he is the trainer for the pilots wannabe's! But first, I want to welcome you to the R.F.S space HQ" The pilot trainer known as Duke moved away from his friend before yelling in a voice that sound like he was in his late twenties, "Everyone that want's to be a pilot group in front of me and the mechanics with Baiz!" Me and fifty other's moved in front of the pilot while the rest moved in front the mechanic.

I looked at the group of mechanics and waved goodbye to Jessie and she waved back. Smiling ever so slightly I followed the trainer for the future pilot's. 'I hope she becomes my mechanic.' I thought. We stopped in front of a thing that I think is a cockpit for the mechs. Hearing Duke shout, "Alright! This is a mech cockpit! You all will have to familiarize yourself with this by the end of next week!" We all looked at him puzzled before some random person asked, "Why next week?"

Our trainer laughed, "Because, I'm gonna have you guys and girls tested to see what kind of mech you will be piloting. " A female hand went up, so our teacher told her to ask, "Well, sir, what kind of mech's are there?" Duke put's his index finger on his chin as if he was thinking, "We have fighters;which are the long range and short range mechs, and transportation mechs; which carry goods and resources." I started thinking about what kind of fighter I wanted to be. "Any other questions?!"

No one raised their hands. He signaled everyone to get in a line, "Alright, this is how it's going to go down. One by one you will all go into the cockpit and look over it for fifteen minutes, then I'll have you guess what each of the switches and button's do." We all nodded our heads signifying that we were ready. One by one each of my comrades went in it seemed like forever but I finally got to see the inside of an ACTUAL cockpit. When I got in it there was a numerous amount of switches and buttons.

After my fifteen minutes were up I climbed out, then I heard a mechanical voice calling out for me to go to it. 'Who's there?' I thought worriedly. It called out to me again. Quickly running to where the voice seemed to come from. The group I was with ran after me with our leader calling out for me to stop.

Stopping in front of a room with a sign that says 'Do Not Enter'. Whispering,"Why did the voice bring me here?" I forced the door open and let out a gasp. There in front of me was the most amazing creation ever. It was as tall as a skyscraper, the paint job on it was amazing too; it was red, black and brown, its head looked like a wolf, the rest of it looked normal. The gear on it was strange too; it had a lance in its left hand and a kite shield in its right.

"Why...why did you call me here?" I questioned it. It opened its hand slowly lowered itself as if it wanted me to get on it. Walking to it, scared, I climbed on it. Duke shouted, "Get down! That thing's hazardous!" The hand got to the cockpit and it looked different than what I was shown. Smiling I climbed in and I saw gloves, boots and sensors for my heart rate and spinal column.

The screen turned on and on it said 'I want you to be my pilot.' "Why me?! I just got here!" I yelled at it. The screen flashed before it finally answered with, 'You have the potential.' Looking around I grinned widely. 'Do you accept being my pilot?' on the screen showed the words 'Yes' and 'No.' "Yeah I'll do it!I don't see why they kept you in here you're awesome! "I quickly pressed 'Yes.'

A few moment's alarms went off and over the intercom someone yelled, "We are under attack, I repeat, We are under attack!" Smiling the window of the cockpit closed and I put my hands in the gloves and my feet in the boots before the sensors attached to me. "Alright! Let's see what you can do!" I yelled before flying over the group and out the hanger bay doors. I smirked from the inside of my giant metal suit noticing I'm the only one out here so far. The enemy mechs all had a symbol of a green bull with a single horn broken.

They laughed and one said, "It's just a single unit. We can take it easily." then charged at me. Smiling and holding up my right hand to hold up my shield before charging at them, letting out a hearty battle cry. When we met in the middle of our spacious battlefield.
(Ha-ha...gets it...spacious? Cause we're fighting in space? You know what? Back to my sappy life's story!) I rammed my shield into one of the green bull's face's and smirked, noticing the glass lenses partially cracked. The victim mech's pilot growled and pushed me away before ATTEMPTING, I use that word loosely to stab me with a dagger coated in a thin layer of electricity. My foe became furious and his slashing became sloppy and uncoordinated.

This became extremely dull so I decided to end it; whispering to my A.I. unit, "What's the quickest way to destroy these pigs?"
"Well, Sir Wolff, focus all of your energy into the lanceand shield. Then spin around and unleash the built up energy slowly."

The End

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