Cursed Hourglass of Astoria

You've probably heard of the tales of those who rein the ocean blue. Those who search in hope for treasures up to the eyebrow, for wealth beyond compare. They sail all seven seas, through the harshest conditions. Fighting all odds in hope to find some kind of treasure, any kind at all. The bigger the treasure the larger the fame. All those Pirates you've heard about are all of those who struck gold, and lots of it. Just a puny penny isn't going to get you anywhere in this game. That's all it is, a child's game. It takes a lot of guts to put your life, and your crew on the line. You better hope you find something good soon. Or else mutiny may catch afoot. Pirates are feared by all mer land lovers, with their large cannons and sharp swords. They are feared by all lonely fishermen as well. Heartless, ruthless beings. So watch out next time you see a ship, lined with algae and a skull-and-cross bone flag. You may just have a run for your money.

"What a dumb book," Raquel grumbled, tossing a book cleverly titled 'Pirates For Dummies' down onto the dusty desk. "Not all Pirates are as disheveled as they make them sound. How dare they say that! We're more than a greedy bunch of loners!"

"Are you sure that's what they meant?" Rory asked, grabbing the slim book off of the desk.

"Of course it is," Raquel hissed, grabbing the book back from her younger sister. "Stupid author has no clue what he's talking about!"

"Author's normally research something before they write an all knowing book on it," Rory explained, her icy blue eyes looking up at Raquel through her black hair.  

"He probably researched books that were written the same way, off of fake legends!" 

"You're not even technically a pirate yet so what's the fuss?" Rory asked. 

"I will be!" Raquel yelled, smashing her fist against the desk. "I have a boat, I have you, and I have a goal." 

"What do you mean you have me?" Rory squeaked. 

"You're my freakin sister!"  She growled. "You're going to be in my crew wether you like it or not."

She didn't like the idea of having to be under the orders of Raquel. Rory was very single minded and liked to do things by herself. Her biggest dream was to be the captain of her own ship. She didn't want her sister to take the title she wanted. 

"I want to be captain then," She proclaimed. "Unless you want me to slit your throat while you sleep." 

Raquel bit her lip. That wasn't going to work with her, but Rory was the only crew member she would have. Her father wouldn't help her hire a crew, he believed it was best if she would do it alone. 



Raquel sighed. As long as it was for her life's sake, "Fine, Captain Aurora you will be." 

"Catchy," Rory gleamed. "Now, this 'goal' of yours. Well what is it? What great treasure are we going after?" 

"The Hourglass of Astoria," Raquel recited proudly.

"An hourglass?" Rory sighed. "What's so great about an hourglass. You can find one at any antique store in town." 

"Not with sand in it you knuckle head!" Raquel slapped herself in the face and Rory just stuck out her tongue a little. "Its an old legend that father let me read about. You know how sometimes in tales Hourglasses are a symbol about how much life one has left. Well this one has the great power to control life and death! Its said that it was sealed away since it was all too powerful. They sealed it in a land called Astoria. Its supposed to be really difficult to get there, and only the strongest can make it."

"Wow," Rory gasped. "I want it! Just think of it now! Captain Aurora finds the Hourglass of Astoria! I'll be the greatest captain to ever sail the seven seas. Well let's stop fooling around and go get us an hourglass."

The End

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