Chapter III - Page 3Mature

Two men came running out of the building, one of them with his crossbow in his left hand, the other without his helmet and some gravy around the mouth.

“Any one came lately?” he asked.

“The serfs had a wedding, Milord Seneschal,” the soldier said, wiping his mouth. “They’ve come an hour past. You might see them. The road is long before their village.”

“The night shifters are well?” Aleander demanded.

“Yes, Milord Seneschal. They sleep in the basement.” The guard seemed to think carefully before he added: “They had nothing to report.”

“Very well, go back to your post – and be careful not to stick your crossbow out the window, people can see the sun hit it.”

They bowed down and obeyed.

“Wouldn’t they be more effective fighting brigands if they showed themselves?” Kayla asked while her mare took back the train – followed quietly.

“They are not here to keep the population safe but to issue a warning when need be.”

“Are we that close to Court?”

“No,” Aleander calmly replied. “We simply take extensive precautions.”

Paranoiacs, Kayla thought once more. The Imperial family had so much power and gold it simply did not know the difference between extensive and preposterous anymore. Five days they had been locked in Blue Tower to answer questions and pass tests before they could even begin to fare towards the home of the Emperor.

How many people had been killed since then? How many could they have saved if it hadn’t been for the stupid protocol?

The End

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