Chapter I - Page 4Mature

Kayla smiled.

“Why the sudden cheer?” he asked.

“It’s nice you’d teach me something I didn’t know before you die.”

He looked back and saw Toikem’s large stature standing near the inn’s entrance. Kayla’s brother didn’t move.

“Most people are afraid of my brother because of the large armor and empty eyes. Now, that’s the real trick. If you should run from someone, murderer, it’d best be me.” Her smile grew with the prospect of combat. “So, why did you kill the poor lad?”

“Sneerer’s pups are worth some gold, in the West.”

“Too bad you’ll…”

The stableman’s knife circled through the air. Kayla bent backwards and swayed her dagger upward. The blade pierced through the man’s biceps. He clenched his teeth. She twisted her steel. He cried. The knife fell on the ground; the murdered followed promptly.

“Don’t worry,” Kayla whispered while she swiftly untied his belt as she did the night before. “You won’t die by my hand. A family deserves its revenge.” She fastened the leather band around the man’s arm to hinder the bleeding.

The End

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