Regret and Resolve

"I should have never allowed her to go," the King's voice cracked. "I was beyond stupidity to throw her out. You must understand, I-I did not know! I thought she had been eaten by this animal of a person! It was her! Oh, how stupid I was...."  His facade shattered, and his face collapsed into his hands, tears flowing freely. He murmured things to himself barely audible, words mixing with soft, uncontrollable sobs.

Haben said nothing, lost in thought. The King had woken one morning to find his Princess, Haben's sweetheart, transformed into an evil, beastly creature. Without thought, unknowing that it was his darling daughter, he had sent the guards chasing after it, trying to kill the thing. "Have you ever gone in an attempt to search her out?" the Prince said finally.

The King raised his face, pitifully streaked with tears and face bloated red. "Yes! We have searched the ends of the earth, as far as I know. Currently I have parties everywhere looking in every corner of the world for her. Oh, how stupid was I, Haben! Please, you must understand....!"

"Your regrets do not matter now, Your Majesty," Haben said smoothly, standing from his chair. "I will leave at the first light and search for her myself," He turned to leave, pausing, before saying stiffly, "Something you should have done much earlier."

Amelie's father swallowed, sniffing back the remaining tears and stiffening himself as he caught the insult. Though he could say nothing in reply, as Haben had already departed.

The End

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