A Promise

"I will miss you, Haben," murmured Amelie, her voice a sweet whisper in the soft, evening breeze.

He looked to her, her upturned face radiant in the lavender twilight. Pausing, he lovingly traced his thumb along her graceful jawbone , gazing into the sea of her maginficent blue eyes, only reserved for him.

"I will miss you, too, my love," he said with an intensity that made her shiver slightly. Her heart fluttered like a wild, gleeful bird, dancing around in her ribcage.

"Will you be quick to return to me?"

"As fast as I may. Though when I leave at tomorrow's dawn, my heart will be urging me back," he replied, taking his finger and playing gently with one of her precious, golden ringlets. "How much I despised being separated from you for any period, especially at such a distance."

She smiled, caught in rapture by his heart-felt words and amorous tone. Haben continued, "Upon my return, we shall be married and forever be together."

So many times he had vowed his love and devotion to her in that similar promise of marriage, the event that one official unify them and their hearts for the rest of their days. She couldn't wish for anything more.

Gently, he bent forward and kissed her, tender and sweet, as if to seal his promise, cradling her delicate form in the safety of his arms. There was no place she would rather be.


This memory, so sweet and lovely, played in her dreams, in her waking hours, each day and each night. She many hours she sat wistfully at the windowsill, looking into the white clouds which surrounded her, as if waiting for him to arrive and break the horrific spell cast upon her, to hold her and kiss her as he once had.

But day after day he never came, and it was as if her memory became a fantasy of her own imagining.

A promise never kept, a destiny never fulfilled.

The End

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