A beautiful Princess is cursed by an evil, vengeful witch...

She wept bitterly. She cried at the person that glared at her in the mirror, that horrid creature underserving of being called a Princess or even a woman. With such a face, she could not claim the love of her family, nor the heart of her Prince, even if he had not witnessed her newly transformed self. She was shunned from the realm of humans, living among the lonely clouds, only left to rot.

Anyone with eyes despised her - she hated herself as she was now. She should just throw herself out of her tower perch, devoid of hope or happiness. Furious, she attacked the image before her, the reflection snarling angrily back, the ugliness of her face contoring in its rage. She shook it, screamed at it, took anything at her disposal and threw it at the mirror until it lay shattered on the floor in a mass of crystaline shards. So many times she had done such a thing, but she would only wake the next morning only to find the room, and the mirror, untouched, as if nothing had occured.

Defeated, she slumped onto the floor and the mosiac of glass that lay there, sobbing quietly once more. She lifted a large, sharp shard and gazed into it through her blurry vision, seeing through it a broken fragment of her former self - once so beautiful with hair of gold and eyes of blue, fair-skinned and slender. Helpless, she let it slip through her fingers, the sharp edge drawing blood as it passed by her skin. She swore through her tears, a blubbering, pitiful sound, and cradled the injury.

She was cursed, cursed by that wretched Witch who had by now probably captured her lover's heart, the man that kept her dreaming and wishing in this secluded tower. The very thought had her in agony.

The End

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